• Hey there Scoobay.

    Many of the pages you have been creating recently have been about entities which have not actually been in any iteration of Smash Bros to date (correct me if I'm wrong), and the pages themselves have had nothing more than the default layout and a couple of categories. As such, they will probably be deleted.

    (TheSMASHFan already let you know that we don't need pages for every trophy, as well.)

    Additionally, many of the pages which you have been adding categories to don't really need the categories you've been adding to them, and several of the edits you've been making to category pages have been superfluous (like this, for instance; 13 revisions for a grand total of one line break removed just ends up flooding Special:RecentChanges).

    (As a side note, I know that there is a contest going on about this, and I'm not necessarily saying that this is what you've been doing, but note that farming badges is generally considered to be a bad-faith editing practice, which may even be block-worthy.)

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