• Ultraman here reporting from the North Pole.

    I've got a special gift for one lucky user on Smashpedia, but you have to earn it!

    This is a contest, whoever gets to 1,500 achievement points by December 25, 2013 (or whoever beats Yorky97 in # of achievements) wins!

    In order to prevent people from making pointless edits with the achievement systems to gain more points, I will be checking everyone's recent edits when they get a new badge. If they cheated and abused the achievements system to get that badge then they are out of the content and get a warning for cheating.

    Now what's that prize? Whatever month is your birthday in 2014, you get to pick the featured video, character, and poll for that month. You also get any forum of yours highlighted (so the whole wiki can see it) for 1 week and get to be the first person to test and be in a new system I'm hoping to add in 2014.

    Right now the highest is Yorky97 with 830 points so get moving you guys!

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    • I dislike this idea a lot because it's very subjective to determine what constitutes "cheating" or not. Achievement points also do not strictly measure how helpful a user is to the wiki.

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