• Hello new or veteran user and welcome to Smashpedia!

    Smashpedia is a wiki dedicated to bringing you everything and anything about the Super Smash Bros. franchise. We have pages on the characters, items, stages, games, and players!

    Getting started on this wiki is very easy as all you need to do is have some Smash knowledge and click the edit button right above the article and begin to edit. If you want to add a photo or a video then there are buttons above those pages also.

    For talking on the forums we have four category's, Smashpedia Business for all of our site updates and suggestions, Questions and Answers where you can ask a question about the games, Smash Bros. Discussion where you can discuss anything related to SSB, and General Discussion where you can talk about anything else like a favorite TV show, another game you like, etc.

    Before you make your first edit on this wiki made sure to read our Smashpedia:Policy page to learn or update yourself on the rules and guidelines of the wiki. These polices also are applied on our chat where you can discuss the games or just talk with other fans, we also host discussions on the chat around every two months so you can come add your opinion then.

    Any questions you have can be posted on the Questions and Answers forum, below in the comments, or on an admin's page. The admins run this wiki and are able to change the protection of a page so that only certain users can edit it, delete a page, photo, or video, block any user, and promote people to chat moderators. There are people above the admins called Bureaucrats who can do everything admins can but also promote people to Rollback or Admin.

    Our current list of moderators are...

    This list is always changing as inactive moderators are replaced with new ones! If you need to report any issues with the wiki you are having just post it in the Administrators' noticeboard.

    If you want to join right in and help out the wiki our current issues are..

    To join in these discussions just type in the comment area on that forum. We always have issues that come up so always check back to see what's currently being discussed. You can also check out our [[Thread:|To do list]] to see what needs to currently be done or edit one of our Stub pages and help add more info to existing pages.

    Those are the basics of Smashpedia! As always you can comment below with any problems or contact a moderator. If you are looking for some fanon articles visit our fanon wiki at Super Smash Bros. Fanon.

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