• Someone using 3 different accounts (Tcabrera60, Tcabrera57, and Tcabrera80085) has been spamming porn and other inappropriate things in the Discussions. I recommend they get banned, along with their IPs. Although they might be using a VPN, so I don't know how you'll get around that. Since you are the most recent active admin, I come to you to see if you can handle this. If you do not answer nor do something about this problem within a day, I'll be notifying the FANDOM staff about this problem and will recommend an active user be appointed admin or discussion moderator on this wiki, as there have been many problems in the past in the discussion with this incident being the most recent. Thank you for reading this and I hope something is done soon.

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    • Ugh, this dude again. He's been harassing the Discussions for a long time now. Can't ever seem to get rid of that guy, but what can you do but ban him whenever he appears?

      To be completely honest, this is probably the tamest the Discussions has ever been in the past 3 years. Was hoping it would stay that way, but alas, things don't last forever. He'll come back and when he does, I'll get the ban hammer ready.

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    • I'm back. I'm sure you've seen what's going on, but I'll tell you anyways. So after the incident, a mod from the Pokémon wiki came in and tried to get stuff in order, eventually resulting in this:

      He told me to contact you and have you look this over, along with making some decisions about this topic. It's clear that we need a new moderator and I again hope this all works out.

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    • After reading most of the comments on that post, I can see that the main reason this has been brought up is because Trainer Micah doesn't want Coolpep to message him on the Pokémon wiki about what's happening in the Smash Bros. Discussions. I understand not wanting cross-wiki drama, but I was kinda skeptical about a new Mod. However, after looking into it, I guess we really don't have mods active at the moment. I used to be very active until, you know, life happened. I guess if we don't have any active mods, we can always get new ones.

      I can see that the main reason why some users don't want Coolpep as Mod is because of how new he is to the wiki. What's my stance on that? The same as yours: I think we should have someone who has been with the wiki for a while and has experience. It's not that I don't trust Coolpep, I just think a user who's been here longer sounds like a worthy candidate. Is he well-suited for Mod? I don't know. What about Trainer Micah? I don't know either. It might not sound professional, but it's the truth.

      I really shouldn't be telling you all this, rather, I should be talking to Trainer Micah, but I just thought you should know my stance on the subject. All you really need to know is that we'll definitely consider a new mod so Trainer Micah doesn't have to hop from wiki to wiki to resolve stuff, that is, unless our older Mods come back lol. I just don't want to bother Trainer Micah with this kind of stuff

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    • Hi Ace, I understand on everything you said and to say i am not the only user from Pokemon that want's them to stop but several administrators such as Energy X and ThePokenGamer have discussed this with them.

      So as you said i know user's should NOT create a post on drama within our discussion's on there whereas i am a discussion moderator.

      I know our fandoms can agree to keep intouch on my Message Wall on here in case they bring that Drama back in posts.

      So i was wondering if i can become a discussion moderator to help you all as administrator's to keep watch over your discussions to make sure no drama gets outta hand and doesn't spread to a cross-drama in fandoms will this be okay?

      I understand i have been here for at least two days now however if anything happens inbetween our two fandoms happen i'm wondering if i can keep you reported incase things happen that i might be aware of will this be okay? Let me know please and thank you.

      And i understand the whole message so it is fine to bother me with this. I know your rules as a user and i wouldn't mind becoming a discussion moderator on here to with user's posts and so on that i've had a huge experience on upto now. And i wouldn't mind introducing something new as a post if your alright with it that is it will be reasonable to your rules and with spams of images separately i think something new called Mixed Media should be introduced to this fandom.

      The Mixed media post can be related to Smaspedia or Smash with things that user's have posted separately daily like: images, pictures, drawings, videos, memes, and etc, that can be appropriate related and is apart of Smaspedia or Smash alright? And we possibly will need afew new categories related to this like Fan content, or Mixed media so you know of this as our administrator.

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    • A FANDOM user
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