• Ok, so if I have your permission, I would love to work with you on a possible story of your OC. I just have a few questions to ask you if you want me to write more.

    1. 1: Because she is a bounty hunter, will she be a villain, Hero or just anti-hero like Dark Pit or Snake?
    1. 2: Do you have any other people in mind that would be possible companions for your OC?
    1. 3: Will her story be behind the scenes of Kirby's story, or will she be focussed on her own story?
    1. 4: Will the story take place before or after Galeem is defeated?
    1. 5: Will it be possible to add a special guest to your story? Like someone from this community or a friend?
    1. 6: How lengthy do you want your story to be?
    1. 7: Since I am an artist, would you like illustrations to go along with your story?
    1. 8: And lastly, would you give me all the specifics of your OC's design and personality again, please? It would help a lot.
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    • And this is all if you still want me to write it. I understand if you aren't sure of my writing and art skills. If you have any doubts, just go to my blog for proof.

      You will see all of my work over the years and the story I started years ago but never finished. Its called Skill For Hire. Its at the top left hand corner of the page.

      I hope I hear back from you, merry christmas! :)

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    • 1: Hero.

      2: No.

      3: Behind the Scenes of Kirby's story.

      4: At the very beginning of World of Light

      5: Entirely up to you.

      6: As long as you like!

      7: Sure, why not?

      8: She uses the yellow Inkling recolour. She has a heart for other fighters like Kirby.

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    • ^ Could Daisy PLEASE be your character's companion

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    • P.S. Read this if yo would like a refresher on my Fighter OC:

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    • Allright, thanks to your information I have a fully developed character.

      Bounty Hunter 00122219. Name: Agent Smash. Real Name: ??? (Let's keep it a secret)


      Agent Smash is an Inkling with a nac for staying cool in stressful situations. She's a skilled sharp-shooter from her days as a badass E-Liter main. (Japanese couldn't touch her) She also is good at close combat street fighting and is a true athlete and gymnast.

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    • And here is a demo for the beginning of the book.

      Chapter One: A Day To Remember, A Loss To Forget.

      Diary Entry 001. December 28th, 2018. Location: The Light World/South-East Forest.

      Todays Job: The Boss.

      Threat Level(TL): Legend.

      Reward: 10000000 SP.


      A lone figure walked slowly through the fog covered ground of the South-East Forest. The ad for the bounty she was after clutched firmly in her hands.

      As she walked she mentally re-checked all the things she needed for this mission. Because if this target was the certain someone she was looking for...

      She shook her head. A bounty hunter needed to stay focussed. Filling up your head with hope and daydreams instead of planning your next move could get you killed.

      AAAaaand that is the demo. Tell me what you think.

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    • 👍

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    • Oh yeah, I want her to eventually meet up with Kirby and his Friends he rescued from Galeem's control.

      Edit: It's kinda random but she has a crush on Robin (Male) but she's too shy to tell him.

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    • No its understandable. Both are cool and collected. She probably feels a connections with him, both being intelligent and skilled fighters. (Doesn't hurt that he's not to bad looking ether)

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    • Keep it up then!

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    • I am so sorry. I have hit a little snag, as in my laptop died. Like, I cant get it to the point where I can get the files off of it. I lost everything... 400 pages worth of stuff. Gone.

      So your story will take a little longer to complete, I'm afraid. Again, please forgive my lateness. I will try to start over on your story on my family computer, so it's going to be fine. I was only 20 pages in anyway

      At least I have the illustrations almost complete.

      Ok, happy new years... yay...

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    • It's okay...

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    • A FANDOM user
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