• I loved it, I wish to see more of it.

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    • Same

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    • Yeah.

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    • Well, I am a lover of imagination and original work. And your character sparked something in me that thought,

      "This could BE something..."

      So, if it is ok with you, I would actually like to write a one-shot of your character. All the rights that you created the character and story would belong to you. I would only take credit in writing it.

      So, if you are interested in starting something here, then I would love to team up and share some ideas. Think of it as a Christmas present from me.

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    • Are you thinking of becoming an author?

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    • ^ Yeah, or a graphics designer. Honestly, if I could just get my work out there, then maybe I could do something that I love to do full time.

      I have something that I wrote years ago and just posted it two years ago on my blog. It was an original, but I ended up not continuing because I couldn't see where the story was going.

      It was called skill for hire. If you want, you could go to my blog and read it for yourself. It's one chapter, about a hundred pages or so.

      My site is

      You'll see the story up on top of the page.

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    • A FANDOM user
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