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The Ruined Zoo (Japanese: 台無しにされた動物園, Dainashi ni sa re ta Doubutsu-en ) is a level in the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Here, Lucas is seen depressingly walking through what seems to be an old and broken-down zoo that hasn't been used for years. Before too long, Shadow Bugs fall from the sky, and form Primids. Lucas gets scared, when suddenly, a giant Porky statue crashes down and chases after Lucas.

The Ruined Zoo is a side scrolling area in which Lucas must run away from the Pig King Statue before he knocks him out. The camera scrolls forward (to the right) as the Pig King Statue walks on. The higher the difficulty, the faster the Porky statue will go. When Lucas reaches the end, he trips and gets caught on a branch. Just when the Pig King Statue almost has him, Ness arrives and uses PK Thunder and PK flash to crack the outer shell of the statue, revealing Porky Minch, himself. The two fight and defeat Porky, but Wario appears and attempts to turn Ness into a trophy with his Dark Cannon. However, when Ness proves to be too difficult to hit, Wario sets his sights on Lucas instead. Noticing this, Ness sacrifices himself, pushing Lucas out of the way while he himself turns into a trophy. When Wario leaps from his perch to claim his prize, Lucas runs away in fear. He eventually runs into the Pokémon Trainer, who uses his Squirtle to fight off oncoming Primids. Afterward, Lucas decides to stick with the Pokémon Trainer in order to save Ness and get revenge against Wario. When the stage is over, both Lucas and Pokémon Trainer join the player's group.

Enemies Introduced


  • While running from the Porky Statue and while fighting Porky, Porky's Theme plays.
  • During the first part of the section including Pokmon Trainer, Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl) plays.
  • During the second part of the section with Pokémon Trainer, Team Galactic Battle! plays.


  • This stage is a reference to Earthbound's prequel, Mother, in which an alien named Starman Jr. uses a high pitched noise to enrage the animals in a zoo, causing them to destroy it, and it is up to Ninten, the main character of Mother, to stop the alien. Incidentally, the player must obtain the Franklin Badge to do so.
  • This is the only level in the Subspace Emissary where the player can control a hidden character (in this case, Ness) during the level and yet not unlock them at the end.
  • The first part of the level is based on the "Revenge of Meta Knight" section of Kirby Super Star, in which the player must run from the Heavy Lobster. Similarities include breakable obstructions, the pursuer destroying anything in its path, hitting switches to open doors in the player's way, momentary delays of the pursuer, and a boss fight at the end of the pursuit. The only major difference is that the Kirby Super Star level didn't feature any enemies other than the Heavy Lobster, while The Ruined Zoo features many enemies, such as Primids and Buckots.
  • Pairing Lucas with Pokémon Trainer is not as far-fetched as some of the other partnerships in the Subspace Emissary, as Creatures Inc. (formerly Ape Inc.) worked on both the Pokémon series and the Mother series.
  • Before Lucas is introduced, a portion of the Love Theme from Mother 3 can be heard.
  • A scene shows Lucas tripping over a root in the ground, yet when the camera zooms out, Lucas' foot is somehow under the root.
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