The Great Maze is the final level of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary. After many sections of the World of Trophies are sent to Subspace, Tabuu combines all the levels of the game and mixes them all together to create one large maze which has parts from all the levels all the characters have been in. The heroes of the game are forced to go through this large maze. However, to beat this level, the player does not go to a goal. To beat it, the player must fight Subspacial clones of all the heroes (excluding Toon Link, Wolf, Sonic and Jigglypuff). Aside from that, the player must also re-defeat all the bosses (except Master Hand and Crazy Hand) encountered in the game.


The door leading to the final battle against Tabuu.

There is no specific order the player must beat all the enemies – the player can also choose to play as any character that has been rescued in the preceding stages. Also, there are various Save Points and Warp Points throughout the maze. The checkpoints are indicated by the Smash Bros. emblem mounted on a trophy stand and look like a forest clearing with a Subspace rip in the fabric of the sky. Save Points restore the player's stock to 4 and damage to 0%, as well as letting the player re-select characters or fiddle with stickers. Warp Points are identical but also allow teleportation between other visited Warp Points, as well as serving as both entry and exit points to and from the maze itself.

Pausing at any time displays a map of all visited rooms, as well as the player's current position inside a room and where doors and room-to-room links are. Once the player goes through enough rooms to form a loop with the starting point, the map will also display all the locations of unbeaten dark clones and bosses in the form of a monster head. After the player has defeated all the clones and bosses, the player will then open a large purple door in the center of the maze, which leads to Tabuu's Residence. After the player beats Tabuu, the Great Maze is spread apart and all the levels and locations of the World of Trophies are returned to their normal state. All except for The Isle Of The Ancients, since so many Subspace Bombs went off in 1 place, the force of the Subspace was so strong on it, it could not return. This does not prevent the player from re-entering the Great Maze for completion later. Also, it is strange but afterward, the stages on the Isle Of The Ancient are still playable.

Stage Recreations

Stage recreatedPortion of stageSong used
Midair StadiumPetey Piranha battleAirship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
SkyworldFirst descentStep: The Plain
Second sectionStep: The Plain
The JungleVertical sectionJungle Level
The LakeRayquaza battleVictory Road
The Ruined ZooPorky battlePorky's Theme
Above-ground sectionSnowman
Sewer levelSnowman
The first section where Lucas ran away from the Pig King StatueSnowman
Battlefield FortressCastleCrimean Army Sortie
Outdoors (original)Crimean Army Sortie
UndergroundStep: The Cave
The ForestLast sectionThe Dark World
Day-changing doors (original)The Dark World
Research FacilityElevator sectionOpening/Menu (Metroid Prime)
The Lake ShoreOutdoor Jyk areaStep: The Plain
Path to the RuinsUnderground portionStep: The Cave
Outdoor areaGritzy Desert
The RuinsBulk of levelUnderground Theme (Super Mario Land)
The Wilds IGalleom battleBoss Battle Song 1
The Wilds IIBulk of levelStep: The Plain
Vertical section with slanted platforms (original)Gritzy Desert
The SwampFirst areaJungle Level
Swampy areasBramble Blast
Research FacilityRidley battleVs. Ridley
3-switch door and associated areas (all original)Opening/Menu (Metroid Prime)
Outside the Ancient RuinsFirst portion of levelGritzy Desert
Glacial PeakLatter half of levelFrozen Hillside
Battleship Halberd InteriorMiddle portionMeta Knight's Revenge
Elevators in the Halberd (original)Meta Knight's Revenge
Battleship Halberd ExteriorStarboard exteriorMeta Knight's Revenge
Battleship Halberd BridgeDuon battleBoss Battle Song 1
Subspace Bomb Factory IIMeta Ridley battleVs. Ridley


The Great Maze has many different music tracks in it, some of which only appear during the fights with the dark clones or the bosses.

  • Against The Dark Knight - Dark Marth, Dark Ike
  • Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Petey Piranha, Dark Mario, Dark Bowser, Dark Yoshi, Dark Wario
  • Battle For Storm Hill - Dark Diddy Kong, Dark Donkey Kong
  • Boss Battle Song 1 - Galleom, Duon
  • Boss Battle Song 2 - Tabuu
  • Bramble Blast - The Swamp Recreated
  • Castle/Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/SMB 3) - Dark Peach, Dark Pit
  • Crimean Army Sortie - Part of Battlefield Fortress Recreated
  • Flat Zone (Melee) - Dark Mr. Game & Watch, Dark R.O.B.
  • Frozen Hillside - Part of The Glacial Peak Recreated
  • Gerudo Valley - Dark Link, Dark Zelda/Sheik, Dark Ganondorf
  • Gourmet Race - Dark Kirby, Dark Meta Knight, Dark King Dedede, Dark Olimar
  • Gritzy Desert -Outside the Ancient Ruins Recreated, Path to the Ruins Recreated, Area South of Midair Stadium
  • Ice Climber - Dark Ice Climbers
  • Jungle Level - Area East of Tabuu, The Jungle Recreated
  • Luigi's Mansion Theme - Dark Luigi
  • Meta Knight's Revenge - Battleship Halberd Recreated
  • Opening / Menu (Metroid Prime) - Research Facility Recreated
  • Porky's Theme - Porky Minch
  • Save Point - Inside Save Points, Door to Tabuu's Residence
  • Sector 1 - Dark Samus, Dark Fox, Dark Falco, Dark Captain Falcon, Dark Snake
  • Snowman - The Ruined Zoo Recreated
  • Step: Subspace - Near Pink Save Points
  • Step: The Cave - Part of The Ruins Recreated, Part of Battlefield Fortress Recreated
  • Step: The Plain - Skyworld Recreated, The Lake Shore Recreated, The Wilds Recreated
  • The Dark World - The Forest Recreated, The Plain Recreated
  • Underground Theme (Super Mario Land) - Part of The Ruins Recreated
  • Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise - Dark Lucas, Dark Ness
  • Victory Road - Rayquaza, Dark Pokémon Trainer, Dark Lucario
  • Vs. Ridley - Ridley, Meta Ridley
  • Wild Pokémon Battle (Ruby/Sapphire) - Dark Pikachu


  • Despite having only 4 stock at a time available for the initial playthrough, 6 are available on any successive playthroughs.
  • Some parts of The Great Maze are combinations of older stages, such as The Forest with the day-changing doors from The Lake.
  • Also, there are new areas in from the some of the older stages that didn't exist before, such as the elevator room in The Halberd, the icy floors in The Ruined Zoo and the windy platforms in The Path to the Ruins.
  • Many of the stage remakes have a different music than the original versions.
  • Some of the area recreations are laid out in such a way that the player will go through a level in the opposite direction from the first time.
  • There is not a single R.O.B. in the Great Maze (except the playable one). This suggests that they have all been destroyed in the Isle of Ancients.
  • The Halberd was destroyed and never entered Subspace, yet it still shows up in The Great Maze.
  • All the Primid types appear in this level.

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