The Glacial Peak is a stage in the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


At the beginning, the Great Fox and the Halberd are seen battling, shooting blasts one-by-one. At the bottom of a mountain nearby, Marth, Ike, Pokémon Trainer, and Lucas watch the battle, while Meta Knight, after looking at this, sees the Ice Climbers climbing the mountain. He decides to follow them to try and get the Halberd back from the Subspace Army. They venture up the mountain, which is based on the original Ice Climber with ladders, and platforms at each level with a flag. Also, at some point on the mountain, there is ice that retracts in and out from the mountainside. It can either be stairs for the player, or an obstacle you have to avoid, or you'll lose a life. There are lots of Glice who will try and freeze you, as well as Shaydas, Towtow, Ticken, and towards the end, many Spaak.

The climbers eventually arrive at the top where Lucario is meditating, waiting for Meta Knight and the Ice Climbers. Lucario jumps from where he was standing, and is ready to fight Meta Knight. The Ice Climbers look at both with a scared look, and the player picks which character to play as in the battle. The fighting stage is a slope-like, ice-covered stage that is reasonably slippery, and there are a few holes. At the end of the fight, the winner revives the loser from their trophy state, and Lucario and Meta Knight shake hands, but this is soon interrupted by the Halberd, which has the Great Fox captive, and the Halberd knocks the Great Fox into the mountainside, destroying it, and creating an earthquake-like explosion, making the Ice Climbers (ironically) fall to the bottom (where Marth, Ike, Pokémon Trainer, and Lucas are located) because they were watching from the edge. Lucario and Meta Knight climb on the Great Fox, and then onto the Halberd, so Meta Knight can seize it back. Ice Climbers will join your team, and Lucario will if Meta Knight was the chosen character.


  • During the beginning of the stage, Ice Climber plays.
  • Following that, Frozen Hillside plays.
  • During the fight with Meta Knight vs. Lucario, Team Galactic Battle! plays.


  • The gusts of wind on the mountain are noticeably stronger or weaker depending on the difficulty.
  • The stage in the battle between Meta Knight and Lucario resembles Saffron City from the original Super Smash Bros.
  • Jigglypuff can complete this stage in record time with use of its Shield Jump technique, bypassing nearly all of the hazards on the level.
  • The flags on this stage show how far the fighters have progressed up the mountain.
  • Depending on who you choose to fight as (Meta Knight or Lucario) you can get different cutscenes.