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The Forest is an area of the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros.: Brawl.


In the beginning, Link is shown drawing the Master Sword from its pedestal, marking his first appearance in the SSE. In a preceding cutscene, Yoshi is seen sleeping on a tree stump as Link walks past him, briefly awakening Yoshi who then goes back to sleep. Suddenly, the Battleship Halberd is seen flying over the Forest dropping Shadow Bugs forming into Primids. Link then prepares to fight, and is quickly joined by the awakened Yoshi, and they give chase to the Halberd. From this point is when the level starts. At the end, Link and Yoshi arrive at the Forest's edge, reaching a cliff, and are forced to take a different direction. Link and Yoshi will be seen looking at the retreating Halberd (over the Wilds). Link and Yoshi will subsequently join the player's team.

Meanwhile, inside the Halberd, a mysterious box with the game's title and logo on it lingers about. (Which is later revealed to be Snake's box.)


After clearing the Subspace Emissary, a red door can be found near the beginning of the level. It leads to the Great Sea, and Toon Link will be shown looking out from the top of the Pirate Ship, who, upon spotting the player, slides down a rope using his shield and prepares to fight. Upon defeat, Toon Link will join the party and will be unlocked if this hasn't been done already.

Enemies Introduced


  • During Link's introduction, Title (The Legend of Zelda) plays briefly.
  • During the bulk of the stage, Hidden Mountain & Forest plays.
  • If Toon Link's door is entered, the cutscene plays an excerpt from The Great Sea.
  • When fighting Toon Link, Dragon Roost Island plays.


  • There is a glitch here when the player is on the tree stump, then, he/she must bounce on the spring board really fast and they fall through.
  • Earlier, Luigi was facing off two Waddle Dees. The scene was possibly near the Forest, due to the background.
  • This is the first time Yoshi is teamed with someone else besides Mario.
  • The second section is similar to the Plain.