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Terry Bogard is one of the major characters in SNK multiverse, particularly fighting game series. He is the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury series and the eponymous hungry wolf of the series' Japanese title, Garou Densetsu (餓狼伝説, lit. Legend of the Hungry Wolf.) He is part of the original Fatal Fury continuity which also shares a timeline with the Art of Fighting (龍虎の拳 Ryuko no Ken, lit. Dragon Tiger Fist) series. Terry is also one of the major supporting characters in a different timeline depicted in The King of Fighters series where he is the core leader of the Fatal Fury Team. Said team usually features his brother Andy and their Muay Thai battler friend Joe Higashi.

Character Description

Terry is a friendly and charismatic fighter who never loses his friendly nature to save anyone from the irredeemably evil threats. He's happy to accept a challenge no matter who offers one up.

He and his brother Andy were orphans who survived on the streets of Southtown until they were adopted by Jeff Bogard. When the two turned 10, however, they witnessed their father's death at the hands of Southtown criminal kingpin Geese Howard, and vowed to train to overthrow Geese and avenge their father. While Andy went to train in Japan, Terry remained in America to train on the streets, while also learning martial arts skills from his mentor, Tung Fu Rue. Eventually when Terry and Andy were in their late teens, Geese hosted the King of Fighters tournament, which Terry entered along with Andy and their new friend Joe Higashi, a Muay Thai martial artist.

The tournament ended with Terry defeating Geese, who seemingly fell to his death from his high rise building Geese Tower. A year later, the German warrior Wolfgang Krauser hosted a worldwide version of the tournament and proved to be much more challenging an opponent to Terry, who nonetheless won the battle. Some time later, the very much alive Geese re-emerged to take control of the Jin scrolls, a set of scrolls offering the secret of immortality that were held by the Jin twins. While opposing Geese along the way, Terry met his currently on-and-off again girlfriend "Blue" Mary Ryan. Terry was able to pacify the Jins and the ruthless criminal Ryuji Yamazaki, though Geese escaped with the scrolls and hosted one last tournament. Once again Terry won and sent Geese flying off of his tower. This time, Terry put aside his hatred to save his nemesis, but Geese swatted Terry's hand away and willingly fell to his demise. Some time after, Terry adopted Geese's son Rock Howard and trained him, in an effort to put the feud between him and Geese behind him.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the currently last mainline game in the Fatal Fury continuity thus far and features an older Terry wearing a vastly different outfit from his usual getup, including his Rising Tackle is inherited by a grown up Rock. A new city known as "Second South" has been established, and a new tournament called "Maximum Mayhem" is hosted by Kain R. Heinlein, a new generation crime lord who plains to make Second south an independent state and thrust it into chaos so people can appreciate "truly living" on the edge. Terry and Rock are invited to participate. It is later revealed that Kain is Geese howard's brother-in-law and thus Rock's uncle, and in order to learn more about his long lost mother, Rock joins Kain. Terry, surprised, accepts this and wishes Rock the best of luck on his journey. In his own MOTW arcade ending, Terry is somewhat troubled by Kain's words about humanity's true nature, but then decides that life is "all about heart" and remains optimistic for the future.

Terry is mostly a supporting character in the King of Fighters video game continuity as the leader of the "Fatal Fury" team. Said team usually features himself, Andy and Joe Higashi, but occasionally the team is joined by fellow veterans Blue Mary, the wrestler Tizoc the Griffon (also known as King of Dinosaurs) or the dance club master Duck King and the tae kwon do hero Kim Kaphwan who Terry had teamed up with in XI. Terry is also a recurring playable character in the KOF series' own alternate continuity Maximum Impact, which seems to combine most aspects of the KOF canon (Terry and Ryo Sakazaki being the same age) with the original Fatal Fury/Art of Fighting timeline (Geese being dead, Rock being old enough to participate)

While its not known if they've canonically met in their home continuity, Terry seems to have a friendly rivalry with Ryo Sakazaki, a Kyokugen master and protagonist of the Art of Fighting series, a prequel to Fatal Fury, while in the King of Fighters series, they're well acquainted.

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  • Although SNK was known to create consoles, they were rather known as a private company and in their heyday, focused more on arcades and arcade games. Even before Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury were known to be given Super Nintendo releases, SNK was also known to release games for the NES, like Ikari Warriors and Crystalis, before major activity in the video game industry like the "Console Wars" and economic competitiveness prompted SNK to capitalize into the mid 1990s, and even then, SNK was also known to still provide releases to the PlayStation and other consoles due to how their own consoles were infamously known to be exorbitantly expensive for the normal consumer despite (or because of) the much promised "arcade quality in your own home" that SNK advertised.
  • Currently, it is believed Terry is put in Smash Bros. due to him, Geese Howard and other SNK superstars famously making cameos in other fighting games, and Fatal Fury itself was the first SNK’s fighting game in history before the prequel Art of Fighting and a different timeline depicted into the canonical crossover The King of Fighters. Arguably, SNK is also more famous as a hallmark company in Japan for also helping establish the quintessential of fighting video games, and much like Ryu, Terry is one of the most iconic fighting game characters in his home nation.
  • Terry is one of the three known original fighting game characters alongside Capcom's Ryu and Ken Masters.
    • This marks the second game where both SNK and Capcom characters clash once again since the currently dormant SNK vs. Capcom series. The first was Tekken 7, where Geese Howard was a DLC character while Street Fighters Akuma was part of the base roster.
    • Concerning relations and interactions with Ryu and Ken in these crossover events:
    • Terry and Ryu don't apparently mesh well; as depicted in SVC Chaos, a conversation observes Terry rubbing Ryu the wrong way about "katera" in order to get a rise out of him for a fight.
    • Terry and Ken appear to have a sense of camaraderie and respect for each other; along with being American fighters, the two are big name street fighters in their home nation even in the face of different social backgrounds. This is further cemented with a special intro scene in the Capcom VS SNK series should they face each other.
  • Additionally, Terry's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate marks yet another of SNK's modern day guest appearances in other properties. Apart from Terry's guest appearances in Xuan Doi Zhi Wang(alongside Benimaru Nikaido), Fighting EX Layer and Brave Frontier, and Geese starring in Tekken 7 as DLC, other SNK superstar guest appearances include Mai Shiranui starring in two Dead or Alive games (5: Last Round (for limited time only) and 6 (the latter alongside Kula Diamond) and Shinobi Masters Senran Kagura: New Link, Iori Yagami in Million Arthur Arcana Blood and Haohmaru of Samurai Shodown fame slated as DLC for Soulcalibur VI.
  • Terry had three previous guest appearances: Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, Fighting EX Layer (an exchange collaboration to have Arika's fighter Skullomania in SNK Heroines where both Terry and Skullo (including Iori (as Ms. X outside his original cross-dresser form)) are gender-swapped to females) and Brave Frontier (as a recruitable unit as part of a King of Fighters collab.)
  • Terry is infamous among SNK fans and video game fans as a whole for his constant use of English phrases in his home series, particularly his taunt "Hey, c'mon, c'mon!" and his memetically popular "Are you okay?!" yell as part of his Buster Wolf attack.
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