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Terry Bogard is the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury series and a supporting character in The King of Fighters series, both from SNK.

He joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fourth fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 1 and the fifth downloadable character overall.

Character Description

Terry is an American martial artist hailing from the fictional South Town and is often depicted as a fierce fighter while also being a extroverted, charismatic, and cheerful man. He harbors no ill will towards anyone except for the truly evil. His fighting style is a mix of several, including kickboxing, kung fu, and Hakkyokuseiken, a fictional art in the Fatal Fury universe created by his master Tung Fu Rue. Outside of fighting, Terry occupies his time by working several part-time jobs, playing video games, partaking in street basketball matches, taking care of his pet monkey Ukee, and hanging out with his girlfriend "Blue" Mary Ryan.

Fatal Fury series

Terry and his younger brother Andy grew up as orphans in the dangerous streets of South Town. They were soon adopted by Jeff Bogard, a student of martial arts master Tung Fu Rue. As revealed in the opening of Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, when Terry was 10 years old he witnessed the murder of Jeff at the hands of notorious crime lord Geese Howard, who was another student of Tung Fu Rue's and a former friend of Jeff's. Fueled by their need of vengeance, the Bogards spent the following decade learning how to fight; Andy traveled to Japan to learn ninjutsu while Terry stayed to fight through the mean streets of South Town and learn from Tung Fu Rue.

Fatal Fury: King of Fighters / Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition

The end of their decade of training leads into the events of the first Fatal Fury (and its 3D remake Wild Ambition), where the brothers and their friend, Muay Thai champion Joe Higashi, enter the newly-organized King of Fighters tournament. They face off against a series of fierce competitors, including Brazilian nightclub owner Richard Meyer, heavyweight boxer Michael Max, Australian wrestler Raiden, party animal Duck King, Joe's rival Hwa Jai, and Geese's British right-hand man Billy Kane. The tournament's final opponent is Geese himself, where the player confronts him at the top of Geese Tower. The battle ends with Geese falling from his tower to his supposed demise below.

Fatal Fury 2 / Fatal Fury Special

One year later, Geese's German half-brother Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim gains control of the King of Fighters tournament and decides to bring it to the worldwide stage. Terry enters the tournament and is able to reach the finals, where he confronts and ultimately defeats Krauser. Along the way he meets and befriends some of the new competitors, including the ninja heiress Mai Shiranui and Korean Tae Kwon Do master Kim Kaphwan.

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory

Three years later, Terry and his friends are shocked to find out that Geese had survived his fall. This is due to him owning the Phoenix Scrolls, which are said to hold the secret to rapid healing. Geese returns to plan on obtaining the Jin scolls, rumored to hold the secret to immortality. Terry goes on to hunt him down and eventually manages to defeat Geese as well as the crazed fighter Ryuji Yamazaki. The game ends with Terry battling and prevailing over the keepers of the scrolls, twin brothers Jin Chonshu and Jin Chonrei, only to discover that Geese has already stolen the scrolls and escaped.

Real Bout Fatal Fury

One year later, a new King of Fighters tournament is held, which Terry and his allies compete in one final time. At the tournament's finals, he finds himself confronting Geese at the top of Geese Tower yet again. The battle ends much the same way as the first game, but Terry now attempts to save Geese before he falls off the tower. However, Geese denies his saving hand in an act of egotism, choosing to fall to his now permanent death. Soon afterwards, Terry encounters Geese's young son Rock and realizes he is now orphaned (his mother having succumbed to an illness before the series' events). Terry decides to adopt Rock as a means of finally putting his feud with Geese behind and to raise him as his own son.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Seven years later, in the final entry of the series, another King of Fighters tournament is held, this time hosted by Rock's uncle Kain R. Heinlein in the neighboring city of Second South Town. In actuality, Kain devises the tournament as means of luring a now grown-up Rock Howard to be under his control. Rock participates in the tournament alongside Terry upon hearing that his mother could still be alive, despite Terry's reluctance to let him compete - though he still wishes him the best of luck in the end when he decides to join with Kain, knowing he must let Rock choose his own path in life. In Terry's ending, Rock has left him in the aftermath of the tournament and is left to wander the streets of Second South Town while pondering Kain's parting words to him about the nature of humanity. He eventually comes to the conclusion that life is "all about heart" and Kain was wrong. Sometime after the events of Mark of the Wolves, as shown in the short OVA Garou Densetsu 15th Anniversary ~Memories of Stray Wolves~, Terry meets up with Blue Mary and offers to help on a case she is working on while locating the whereabouts of Rock.

The King of Fighters series

SNK's series of crossover fighting games take place on an alternate timeline, as many of the events that take place in Fatal Fury are largely ignored, such as Rock being raised by Terry despite Geese and Krauser still being alive.

Terry is one the few fighters to have partaken in all KOF games, beginning with The King of Fighters '94 - though his role in the series is that of being the team captain of Team Fatal Fury and being a supporting character, as his intentions for joining the tournaments in the first place were his concerns with Geese's involvement. In The King of Fighters '99, his role is expanded on a bit more as he fakes his death after staying behind during the collapse of NESTS's base and spends the next year tracking down the remaining members of NESTS who targeted Blue Mary. He later reemerges in The King of Fighters 2000 to team up with her for that year's tournament and again in the following year in The King of Fighters 2001. He also has a bit more to do in The King of Fighters XIV, joining to train and oversee the young newcomer Alice Nakata, his self-proclaimed biggest fan, as well as monitor Geese's whereabouts in the tournament.

Terry also appears in the follow-up to The King of Fighters XIV, being SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, though this time he has mysteriously been turned into a girl after being trapped in a pocket dimension alongside the rest of SNK's female fighters by Kukri. In Terry's ending, it is implied that this has all been a nightmare, as he also dreams of an alternate ending to Real Bout Fatal Fury, where Rock emerges and kicks Terry off of Geese Tower. Before he can fall, Terry is awoken by Rock for breakfast time.

Several other characters from Fatal Fury have also taken part in some of the King of Fighters tournaments to fight alongside Terry as a part of Team Fatal Fury; though his regular teammates have been Andy and Joe, other members have included Blue Mary, the wrestler Tizoc from Garou: Mark of the Wolves (who partakes in The King of Fighters 2003), and Duck King (who partakes in The King of Fighters XI). It is also in the KOF continuity where he runs into Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting, the prequel trilogy to Fatal Fury, with whom he has a friendly rivalry with.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Terry SSBU.png


Terry was announced to be included in Ultimate at the Nintendo Direct held on September 4, 2019, confirming him to be the fourth fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 1.

Much like Ryu and Ken, Terry has his command inputs for his famous moves. If his damage is 100% or above, Terry can gain access to his Desperation Moves, being Power Geyser and Buster Wolf, through their own command inputs.

He was released on November 6, 2019, alongside the stage King of Fighters Stadium, 50 music tracks, and an SNK-themed Spirit Board as a part of Challenger Pack 4.


A Fighter Spirit of Terry can be obtained after beating his Classic Mode route after downloading Challenger Pack 3. As it is a Fighter Spirit, it does not have its own Spirit Battle and cannot be used.

No. Spirit Artwork Origin Type Rating Effect Cost
1356 TerryBogardFFS.png Fatal Fury Special Fighter N/A N/A N/A


  • Terry is one of five characters to originate from a fighting game, the others being Ryu, Ken, Min Min, and Kazuya Mishima.
  • Terry's inclusion makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the first time in nearly 15 years SNK and Capcom characters have appeared in the same game together since the release of SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS in 2006.
  • Due to 37Games' partial acquisition of SNK in 2015, Terry is the first fighter to be Chinese-owned.
  • Terry is one of ten characters to come from a real-world location (United States), the others being Snake (United States), Sonic (Christmas Island), Little Mac (New York, USA), Ryu (Japan), Simon & Richter (Transylvania, now modern-day Romania), Ken (California, USA), Joker (Tokyo, Japan), and Kazuya (Japan).
    • Though Terry comes from a real country, his hometown of South Town is fictional.
  • Terry is the second third-party character to represent multiple series owned by their parent company, following Pac-Man.
  • Terry is the third character to have a Japanese voice actor perform the voice lines in English in all regions, following Ness and Captain Falcon.


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