Ten Million Damage is a 16-minute abridged combo video featuring members of the Pro Impact Players: MICH, RJM and JIN.


Here is a chronology of notable bits and pieces of the video for interested viewers:


  • 2:09-2:11 - Ganondorf repeatedly up-throws Link to tech the ceiling. This was done in camera mode to about 700% damage and is reportedly worth trying just for fun (if one happens to like short bursts of repetitive entertainment).
  • 2:12-2:16 - JIN's SmashBoards signature banner, re-done for the video.
  • 2:53-3:01 - A hilariously painful finish for Popo as Link's up B send's him directly into the path of Luigi's meteor smash.


  • 5:57-5:59 - RJM's SmashBoards signature banner, re-done for the video.
  • 7:06-7:40 - Wall Jump tech on the side of a moving car in Big Blue.
  • 7:11-7:20 - Medley of rising Luigi Cyclones, culminating in the cyclone-to-misfire aerial finisher.
  • 8:52-8:59 - In erroneously executing a proper Luigi recovery, RJM manages to give Zelda a false glimmer of hope by striking her with a single coin of his up B.
  • 9:28-9:36 - A rare glimpse of RJM's Luigi KO'ing people in Free-For-All.
  • 9:37-9:40 - Link is given a very pronounced headache as he is chopped directly into the spiny corner of Hyrule Temple's lower floor.

MICH's SWF signature, demonstrating continuous desync.


  • 10:44-11:01 - Solo Popo chainthrowing medley.
  • 11:46-11:50 - MICH's SmashBoards signature banner, re-done for the video.
  • 12:42-12:51 - The Ice Climbers simultaneously grab and down throw their Crewmates
  • 12:52-12:58 - The famously embarrassing Nana edgehog. Following her triumphant gimping of Luigi, Nana (and only Nana) taunts proudly atop her platform.
  • 13:06-13:32 - Ice Climbers chain grab medley, ending in the now-controversial Grab->Jab->F-tilt infinite.
  • 13:33-14:17 - Continuous desynch medley, dubiously showcasing the combat applications of this tactic, as seen in Two Climbers, Two Hands.

Credit Sequence

  • 15:28-15:40 - In a super-imposed smaller slip, JIN's down air and RJM's up smash hit at the same time, somehow resulting in both players being KO'd simultaneously upwards and blinking out as stars in the Cornerian skies.
  • 15:41-15:54 - As Donkey Kong gets infinited to death by the Climbers on Flatzone in the smaller picture, Popo and Nana take advantage of the bountiful supply of free produce on Green Greens in the infamous triple-apple KO.


The music featured in Ten Million Damage is divided amongst the five "chapters" of the video:


  • picch - "Hooked"

Credited to picch of Guitar War fame.


  • Colin James - "Voodoo Thing"


  • Joe Satriani - "Why"

Historically, the Pro Impact Players have always believed this to be excellent fight music and RJM himself is not entirely unconvinced that it wasn't inspired by Double Dragon's background tunes.


  • Franky B. - "Mr. Lonely"
  • Foreigner - "Cold As Ice"

Only selected bits of Franky B.'s "Mr. Lonely" remix were selected and then "re-remixed" to transition smoothly into a Climbers-themed Foreigner track.

Credit Sequence

Written and recorded specifically for the credit sequence, this is just a quick one-minute, instrumental shuffle to fill the air as the credits roll.

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