Color 1Color 2Color 3Color 4
[[Image:{{{char}}} Palette 01 (SSB).png|100px]][[Image:{{{char}}} Palette 02 (SSB).png|100px]][[Image:{{{char}}} Palette 03 (SSB).png|100px]][[Image:{{{char}}} Palette 04 (SSB).png|100px]][[Image:{{{char}}} Luigi Palette 05 (SSB) (1) copia| [[Image:{{{char}}} Luigi Palette 06 (SSB) (1) copia [[Image:{{{char}}} Head 01 (SSB).png]][[Image:{{{char}}} Head 02 (SSB).png]][[Image:{{{char}}} Head 03 (SSB).png]][[Image:{{{char}}} Head 04 (SSB).png]][[Image:{{{char}}} Luigi Head 05 (SSB) copia[[Image:{{{char}}}Luigi Head 06 (SSB) copia
{{{c1}}} C-Up Button (N64)  
{{{c2}}} C-Right Button (N64)  
{{{c3}}} C-Down Button (N64)  
{{{c4}}} C-Left Button (N64)  

char = character name
redteam = what colour number the red team colour is
blueteam, greenteam = same as above
c1-c6 = colour names
name1-name6 = the names from the site, like "3P & Red Team"
desc1-desc6 = descriptions
notes = notes that go between the images and the list
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