Displays Japanese characters. For example, {{ja|スマブラ}} gives スマブラ. The first parameter should be the text, and the second (optional) should be the hover text, where "Japanese text" is the default (example: スマブラ).

This template helps avoid character display errors should a user's personal stylesheets be using a font that doesn't support Japanese characters, done by specifying a list of fonts known to have such support and that combined should be on every possible computer. The fonts used are, in the order they are attempted:

  • Arial Unicode MS (any system with Microsoft Office, Mac OS X x10.5+)
  • Code2000 (older well-known Unicode font)
  • Meiryo (all Windows since Vista)

If you have problems displaying Japanese characters even with this template, post on the talkpage and we'll try to find something you can use.