name = The name of the Final Smash. You don't have to specify this, but since the default copies the page's
       name, it'll let you set the title to "Giga Bowser" instead of "Giga Bowser (Final Smash)" and the like.
image = A picture of the Final Smash. Only type in the name.ext, not the whole Image syntax.
size = Image size (in pixels, preferably).
user = The character who uses the Final Smash. Just the name, without the [[]]'s.
user2 = If applicable, the clone who also uses the Final Smash.
user3 = If applicable, the second clone who also uses the Final Smash.
type = What type of Final Smash it is: Directional, Focused, Trapping, Stage-Wide, or Transformation.
       If you don't know which of them a Final Smash is, look on the [[Final Smash]] page.
effect = What the Final Smash does (simplified). Includes damage and other effects (such as sleep).

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