This template is used to put icons beside items in the news template. By giving it appropriate abbreviations, it will show an icon with an appropriate link. It can also be given a size; 16px is the default.

Icon Input
SSB64 Icon.png ssb64, ssb, 64
SSBM Icon.png ssbm, melee
SSBB Icon.png ssbb, brawl
SSB4 Icon.png ssb4, 4
SSB4-U Icon.png ssbwu, ssbwiiu, ssb-wii-u, ssb4-wiiu, ssb4-wii-u, ssb4-u, wiiu, wii-u
SSB4-3 Icon.png ssb3ds, ssb-3ds, ssb4-3ds, ssb4-3, 3ds
SSBU Icon.png ssbu, ultimate, u
SmashBrosSymbol.svg Other