"Star Fox! Fire at will!" -- Fox McCloud

Team Star Fox is Fox and Falco's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, replacing their Landmasters.



Upon activation, Fox will shout "It's go time!" while calling upon his Arwing to pass through the area in front of him, with the area of impact being indicated by a green reticle. If anyone is within the reticle, they will be struck by the Arwing and caught for the rest of the Final Smash. The scene will then shift to Fox flying in formation in his Arwing with the other members of Team Star Fox, with the formation immediately launching a barrage of lasers on the target with Fox saying, "Team Star Fox! Fire at will!". After the ensuring explosion, the scene will transition back to the stage with the opponents being launched. If Wolf is caught in Team Star Fox, Fox will shout, "This is the end for you, Wolf!"


Falco's version functions similarly to Fox, however during the cinematic Falco and the other Arwings fly in an irregular attack pattern and the attack the target one-by-one instead of performing it in formation, and Falco performs a barrel roll while firing lasers in reference to his brash nature. Falco will also say, "It's showtime!" when initiating, "Time for a little payback!" when successfully connecting, and if the initiating hit catches multiple opponents, he will say, "We've got multiple bogies inbound!"

Wolf O'Donnell has his own version of the move called Team Star Wolf.


  • If there was 7 opponents caught in the final smash at max percent, 3 of them would not get knocked out while the 4 would.
  • During the first part of the cinematic, the damage meters will disappear, making Team Star Fox one of the few Final Smashes to remove the damage meter.