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A Taunt Match is a term used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where every player in a match aren't fighting each other, but instead decide to fool around and/or taunt for the entire match. Taunt Matches begin when one player taunts for the whole match, and other players decide to follow. In a taunt match, players (Mainly Kirby Players) are also known to crouch or duck continuously to reach an agreement. They will often then follow to have continuous Taunt Matches or simply proceed to showing each other glitches. Taunt matches are fairly common over Wi-fi.

Sonic Taunt

"You're too slow...!" "You're too slow...!"

When one player takes the match seriously, where other players are having a taunt match, players will often team up on the serious player. Some "Taunters" have also been known to hit each other, then intentionally SD when a serious player joins, so that their fellow taunters will get a point, thus giving the serious player no chance of winning.

There are also arranged Taunt Matches over friends. The goal in these is to annoy the other player without attacking until one gets so bored or annoyed that they leave, stop, or attack the other player. The first player to do so loses.


The infamous Game & Watch Bell Taunt

Players often find alternatives to taunting for characters that do not have loud or annoying taunts. Some players spam D.K.'s or Ganon's up-smash for their loudness, others use Olimar when there is a serious player and spam his whistle for the high-pitched annoying sound and Super Armor, while some even use Ivysaur's crouch.

Commonly used characters with annoying and/or hilarious taunts are often Mr. Game & Watch and his Up and Side Taunt, Kirby's down taunt, Peach's Side Taunt, Luigi's Up Taunt, Wario's taunts or his Wario Waft, Captain Falcon's down taunt (and sometimes even his Falcon Punch), Toon Link's Down Taunt, and Sonic's Down and Side taunts.

"Serious" taunters will sometimes use the same character as a serious player and taunt as them as if to mock the serious player. Some are even known to spam the same moves as the serious player, if he or she is spamming themselves.

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