Target Blast
Target Blast (Targets & walls)

Target Blast is a new minigame introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U . Target Blast is similar to the Home-Run Contest and Target Smash as you still need to break targets, however there is no Home-run Bat, and there is a Bomb instead of Sandbag - therefore, it is similar in principle to games like Angry Birds. Also, the starting platform is surrounded by a force field, preventing the bomb from accidentally falling off before the player can launch it - only be hitting it with a Smash Attack will it leave the platform.

The 10-second countdown starts the moment the characters touch the bomb (allowing for moves like Donkey Kong's Giant Punch and Samus' Charge Shot to be fully charged without worrying about the countdown), and the player needs to rack up damage during this allotted time, then launch it before the time is up. If the countdown reaches zero before the bomb is launched, the bomb will explode in the player's face and no score will be counted. Once the bomb is launched, it will destroy any targets in its path and, once its countdown reaches zero, it will explode, destroying every target and wooden structure in its path. The blast radius of exploded objects chains to nearby destructible objects. Explosive crates within the structure may also be used to rack up the score count, whether by being caught in the blast or by being struck by an object launched by the explosion. Target Blast scores will contribute to the player's Global Smash Power.

In the Wii U version, there are two rounds: the first with a small bomb, and the second with a larger one, which also has a larger blast radius. In this second round, all the damage caused in the first round will remain.

Among the targets, there are also special targets which award the player with trophies or customization parts (equipment or moves) if hit.

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