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Level 1 target smash stage in brawl

The Target is a bullseye used in the Target-destroying minigames of the Super Smash Bros. series. Each character has to break 10 of these Targets in the shortest possible time one can achieve.

The Targets are red and white in SSB and SSBM, and each character has their own location to break the targets, but vary by stage in SSBB: blue/white on the Easy stage, green/white on the Normal stage, yellow/white on Hard, orange/white on Very Hard, and red/white on Intense. The size of the targets also shrinks as the difficulty level increases, yet, the number of targets remain the same.


  • In All 3 Super Smash Bros. games, if the game is paused while playing Target Smash!!, the camera will not zoom in on the player.
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