Please. Stop. Plagiarizing. --Kirby King 17:17, February 26, 2007 (GMT)

Well, yeah, about that. I didn't copy ALL of it, you know. Only some small important things, like what the game is and when it was released. - Brawlmatt202 20:59, February 26, 2007 (GMT)


Though people who have never played this game could essentially be enlightened by this article, is it really necessary to make a page about Super Mario World in a Super Smash Bros. wiki? It would be just as easy to look it up on Wikipedia. WarxePB 02:31, September 8, 2007 (EDT)

That's what I used to think way back when I joined, but it eventually occured to me the following:
1. All Wikipedia articles are written with the uninformed consumer in mind, but their subjects can be written quite differently on SmashWiki to cater to Smash Bros. players. The same thing happens with character articles like Mario; Wikipedia's Mario article goes into a thorough description of all his appearances in general, with only small notes towards his Smash Bros. involvement, but because he is in the Smash Bros. fighting games, there's room on SmashWiki to write a differently structured article about him in a way that provides all general information about him that's practical and well-structured enough that it's perfect for your typical Smash player to read up on.
2. The reason articles on other videogames were being made even before I took notice is that one of the core thematic aspects of the Smash Bros. series as a whole that make it so popular a series is that it takes its thematic material from all sorts of famous videogames, old and modern, and blends it together. It is well known that Melee's Yoshi's Island stage is a direct homage to Super Mario World, so I'm sure at least some players/SmashWiki readers would like to read some stuff about the game itself without having to dig into casual-minded Wikipedia articles. And I'm definitely sure that all the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess material that made it into Brawl caused a lot of Smashers to look into that game and maybe buy it, so TP is important to the Smash Bros. community. And considering how there's so many pages on players of the game here (check Recent Changes anytime), as well as pages on individual techniques, glitches, and special moves, pages on the video games which Smash Bros. draws its thematic source material from seems very practical. :) Erik the Appreciator 12:55, September 8, 2007 (EDT)