Does this really need to be here?

I don't see why not. Mega Man is now officially confirmed for Smash Bros 4, with Sakurai personally having demonstrated most of his moveset. 04:01, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

Mega Man's probable moveset

I analyzed the Developer Direct video where Sakurai demonstrated Mega Man's moves, and I've managed to piece together what his moveset will probably look like:

Standard Attack, F-tilt, & N-Air : Mega Buster

U-tilt : Mega Upper

D-tilt : Slide

F-smash : Mega Buster Charge Shot

U-smash : Spark Shock

D-smash : Flame Blast

Dash Attack : Top Spin

F-Air : Flame Sword

B-Air : Slash Claw

D-Air : Hard Knuckle

U-Air : Air Shooter / Tornado Blow / something of that nature

Standard Special : Metal Blade

F-Special : Crash Bomb

U-Special : Rush Coil

D-Special : Leaf Shield

Grab Attacks : Super Arm

That pretty much sums up everything we know about his moves at this point. The only other things that remains to be seen are his variations of the Super Arm throw attacks, and his Final Smash. Blademaster Banryu (talk) 03:32, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

So, I was thinking of adding some of these to the page (or rather, specifying which of his attacks are what command and whatnot). Should that be avoided until we have more information? Or would it be acceptable for attacks that we definitely know, like the Aerial moves? (They can be plainly seen depending on what direction Megaman is facing)
Blademaster Banryu (talk) 18:16, June 13, 2013 (UTC)
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