Sin & Punishment

I heard that the "Sin & Punishment" AT was actually the main character, and a male. I think his name was Saki or something? We need to get proof of this.

Little Mac

Since Little Mac has been confirmed, shouldn't we delete the link of —Preceding unsigned comment added by Infested Terran (talkcontribs)

Yes we only need to change it to Little Mac page at dojo. also sing your post with four tildes (~ ~ ~ ~ ). --Fandangox 12:19, October 28, 2007 (EDT)

Assist Trophy Tier List

More of an idea than anything else, but wouldn't an assist trophy tier list be interesting?


Can anyone provide a link to the gameplay video with this assist trophy? M Shark 18:24, November 20, 2007 (EST)

Duster and Princess Rosalina

Brawl Central says that they've been confirmed.--Aipom--

Infantry and Jill

These shouldn't need to be considered unconfirmed, although they did not appear on the dojo as of yet. this video clearly shows Samus holding up the assist trophy and the Infantry popping out. Then look at this video and wait until the first plummet the characters take. Jill is definitely there drilling across the screen. You have to see it to believe it. Ryu Phoenix 08:48, January 17, 2008 (EST)

Data Files

The data files, which can be found here, have a section for 'effect/assist/ef/'

Assist Trophies according to game files:

  • \effect\assist\ef_ast_ridley.pac, size:128 off:2A13D400

Ridley assist trophy version

  • \effect\assist\ef_barbara.pac, size:81600 off:2A13D480

Barbara the Bat (Jam with the Band! series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_customrobo.pac, size:53728 off:2A151340#

Ray MK II (Custom Robo series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_cyborg.pac, size:30944 off:2A15E520

Cyborg Ninja (JP) aka Gray Fox

  • \effect\assist\ef_devil.pac, size:11520 off:2A165E00

Devil (Devil World series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_excitebike.pac, size:7008 off:2A168B00

Excitebike (Excite series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_goroh.pac, size:128 off:2A16A660

Samurai Goroh

  • \effect\assist\ef_heririn.pac, size:128 off:2A16A6E0

Heririn (Kuru Kuru Kururin series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_hmbros.pac, size:9824 off:2A16A760

Hammer Brothers

  • \effect\assist\ef_jeff.pac, size:18336 off:2A16CDC0

Jeff Andonuts

  • \effect\assist\ef_joe.pac, size:51456 off:2A171560

Knuckle Joe

  • \effect\assist\ef_jugem.pac, size:128 off:2A17DE60

Jugem (JP) aka Lakitu

  • \effect\assist\ef_katana.pac, size:8096 off:2A17DEE0

Kat and Ana

  • \effect\assist\ef_kururi.pac, size:77600 off:2A17FE80

Kururi (JP) aka Jill

  • \effect\assist\ef_lin.pac, size:39520 off:2A192DA0

Lin (JP) aka Lyn

  • \effect\assist\ef_littlemac.pac, size:17568 off:2A19C800

Little Mac

  • \effect\assist\ef_metroid.pac, size:66528 off:2A1A0CA0


  • \effect\assist\ef_nintendogs.pac, size:22112 off:2A1B1080

Nintendog (Nintendogs series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_resetsan.pac, size:90848 off:2A1B66E0

Reset san (JP) aka Mr. Resetti

  • \effect\assist\ef_robin.pac, size:18048 off:2A1CC9C0

Robin (JP) aka Isaac (Golden Sun series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_saki.pac, size:65504 off:2A1D1040

Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_shadow.pac, size:67840 off:2A1E1020

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • \effect\assist\ef_stafy.pac, size:53632 off:2A1F1920

Stafy (Legend of Stafy series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_tank.pac, size:23648 off:2A1FEAA0

Tanks and Infantry (Famicom Wars series)

  • \effect\assist\ef_tingle.pac, size:133216 off:2A204700


  • \effect\assist\ef_waluigi.pac, size:6944 off:2A224F60


  • \effect\assist\ef_wright.pac, size:17632 off:2A226A80

Dr. Wright (SimCity series)

27 in Total

Pretty much deconfirms Muddy Mole, Duster, Princess Rosalina, Pegasus Knights, Sothe and Adeleine who were all based on anecdotal evidence anyway. --Wilsonator 08:02, February 3, 2008 (EST)

Is that a joke? Where is Andross? And I have yet to see a gameplay video of Ridley as an AT... Thou Hath No Honor 15:06, February 17, 2008 (EST)

Should we add how likely a character is in appearing? Because I would find it helpful. Learner3 23:16, 5 April 2008 (UTC)

List of removed Assist Trophies

Who ever said that Princess Rosalina, Tails, and Duster ATs were removed from the game? I could see Ridley being on the list as his leftover AT data was found on the game disc. There was no proof that Rosalina, Tails, and the Duster AT ever existed as an AT in Brawl. -- The Magnum Master 14:24, 10 May 2008 (UTC)


I put a brief description next to eac AT. If its not needed delete it.Fwooshlewooshle (talk) 19:56, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

The Rarity?

Are certain characters more likely to appear? Or are some just less likely to appear? I've rarely seen the Helirin Assist Trophy, and I think that this one is a rare one. I need help on determining if some are more likely or less likely to appear. Learner4 (talk) 17:02, 15 April 2009 (UTC)


his english name is starfy HYLIAN FURY (talk) 17:46, 18 June 2009 (UTC)


If it prevents the use of recovery moves, how does it allow infinite recovery moves? Not sure which is wrong so I shan't remove either. Dazuro (talk) 06:36, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

It cancels them a few frames in, allowing them to be instantly repeated. Miles (talk) 19:44, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

Other Assists

With the game (almost) out, soon more assists will be revealed. Looking at one video, a loading screen (14:57) says that one of the Assist Figures is "Monsters" (モンスターズ, known as Ghosts outside Japan), which mentions the names Akabee (アカベエ, Blinky), Aosuke (アオスケ, Inky), Pinky (ピンキー) and Guzuta (グズタ, Clyde), from Pac-Man. --Quick (ut) 00:00, September 12, 2014 (UTC)

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