I've been going through the Ike and other misc. Fire Emblem articles and clearing up grammatical mistakes as well as removing or editing incorrect claims and other acts of idiocy posted but less intelligent editors. I'll eventually start cleaning up other character articles in which I have at the very least adequate knowledge of facts regarding that topic. If other members could help keep trolling to a minimum, that would be great.Teh Toast (talk) 07:25, 12 January 2009 (UTC) teh Toast

I agree... Ike shouldn't be insulted like that... save it all for Snake and Sonic!

I have to disagree about Aether being a "decent" recovery move. The abysmal horizontal movement, combined with the sheer speed of the downward move means that more often then not, Aether plunges him to a self-destruct rather than saving him, the only time it'd be able to save him is either at a very high distance, or one so close he probably should just edge grab anyway. Pretty much the only way Aether is really usefuly as a recovery is if he's directly under a half-massive within his upward range. Otherwise Aether sucks at saving Ike's behind in a fight. And while I'm on an irrelevant subject, why should Sonic and Snake be insulted? They're both headliners in video game franchises much more successful than most the franchises depicted in SSBB, Fire Emblem included in that list.


I looked at the glitches category page, but I noticed that this page was in that category. Ike's move, the Aether, does not need the category because it isn't even a glitch, it is a valid move. Someone please either fix it, or tell me why it is there. Leave a message on my talk page. Thebluepik1 (talk) 17:42, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

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