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Tabuu (タブー, Tabuu) is the leader of the Subspace Army and the final boss of Subspace Emissary. He uses the Subspace Bombs to send entire locations to his dimension, where he absorbs their power to increase his own. His name could be a pun on the English word "taboo", which is to be unacceptable or improper by society's terms.

Role in The Subspace Emissary

According to the Ancient Minister trophy, Tabuu took over The Island of the Ancients, the home of the R.O.B.s and forced them to serve him under the threat of annihilation. He also took over Master Hand. Tabuu first discovered that Mr. Game & Watch had Shadow Bugs in them and captured him to harness the power, and thus the Subspace Army was born.

Late in the game, Tabuu created a maze (called the "Great Maze") out of the worlds that have been consumed by Subspace and brings back the old enemies. He also creates dark clones of all the heroes to slow them down. Once the player has reached Tabuu, he will attempt to turn everyone back into trophies again. Before Tabuu can unleash his attack however, he is ambushed by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Winged Tabuu

In one of is attacks, Tabuu extends his wings. During the attack, Tabuu goes into the background, extends his wings, and sends out three powerful shock waves that cover most of the screen. Being hit with the first or second shock wave guaranties a knock-out.


As the last boss of Subspace Emissary , Tabuu is expected to have a wide variety of attacks avialable to him, which are dangerous. Note that the names are not offical.

  • Winged Tabuu - During this attack, Tabuu appears in the background and opens up his wings which proceeds to release three red shockwaves which can knock out a character with 1 hit.

  • Dragon Laser- Tabuu appears on a side of the stage and takes out a gun in the shape of a dragon's head which fires a powerful laser dodgeable only by jumping up.
  • Side Spear - Tabuu transforms into a wide spear and attacks sideways with one swipe.
  • Chain of Light - Tabuu takes out a yellow chain and grabs the character, before swinging him around and slamming him onto the ground for high knockback.
  • Dual Eye Lasers - Tabuu transforms into a giant version of himself and appears on the right side of the stage before unleashing dual red lasers from his eyes.
  • Energy Blade (also called Energy Claw)- Tabuu appears mid-air on one side of the map and attacks the stage with a curved swipe with a red energy sword.
  • Teleport- Tabuu teleports around the area and appears at a set spawn which is randomly decided from the large amount of spawns available. He also sometimes teleports behind the character and attacks with one of the available attacks.
  • Teleport Explosion- Tabuu teleports around, leaving a red explosion every where he teleports.
  • Electrical Shield - Tabuu teleports to a random area and uses the object inside him to circle around and attack.
  • Rapid Claw - Tabuu teleports behind the character and rapidly slashes the area near the character.
  • Golden Bracket - Tabuu transforms into two brackets and flies across the stage, grabbing the character if not dodged and slamming him onto the stage.
  • Pinpoint Explosion - Tabuu points at five locations which will blink. Those locations will explode after a second.
  • Bullet Rain - Tabuu appears in a random area in the air and fires a series of small bullets. Tabuu fires a large explosion after his Bullet Rain.
  • Diamond Shuriken Boomerang - Tabuu appears on one side of the stage and throws a round boomerang which crosses the stage twice before he catches it.
  • Self Projection - Tabuu pauses in midair and sends out copies of himself in all directions. Characters will take damage if they make contact with a projection.

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