Table Flipping is a technique that can be used by Mr. Game & Watch in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It allows him to deflect physical projectiles and make opponents float by using his Down Tilt with the right timing, since it has pushboxes all over the attack. It is a very useful technique that increases Mr. Game & Watch's defense against projectiles overall (since he can absorb energy attacks with Oil Panic). When timed correctly, it can also prevent opponents from recovering.

Projectiles that can be deflected

Virtually almost any item thrown at Mr. Game & Watch can be deflected with Down Tilt. Since it has a disjointed hitbox (as most of his moveset), it is a safe mean to prevent damage as if the attack hits the "table" it won't cause him any damage. Items from characters includes:

  • Bowser Jr.'s Mechakoopa: can only be reflected when Bowser Jr. uses this move in midair.
  • Diddy Kong's Peanuts, Banana Peel, Rocketbarrel Boost: while it won't deflect the peanuts, the windbox from Down Tilt will cause the projectile to explode. The peel and rocket can be deflected as effectively.
  • Greninja's doll and wooden block from Substitute: while those are not directly thrown at Mr. Game & Watch, he can bounce them at other characters with the pushboxes without destroying the items as fast.
  • Link and Toon Link's Bombs: one of the easiest projectiles to deflect, due their slow speed when thrown.
  • Olimar's Pikmin: instead of reflecting them, the Pikmin's momentum will be stopped and they will briefly freeze in mid-air before falling to the ground and returning to Olimar. Should Pikmin get killed by the attack, they will be pushed back by the wind and die in the air.
  • Pac-Man's Lazy Fruits: each fruit will be deflected at a different angle.
  • Peach's Turnips: much like Link and Toon Link's bombs, it is easy to deflect due the slow throwing speed.
  • R.O.B.'s Gyro: can be deflected even when the Gyro touches the ground and stops moving. The deflected Gyro is notable because it can fly very high, preventing R.O.B. from using it again for a long time (as the Gyro will only start to disappear after touching the ground).
  • Wario's Wario Bike: same as other normal projectiles. It is a bit harder to do since the bike is naturally heavier.
  • Wii Fit Trainer's Soccer Ball: one of the easiest projectiles to deflect. Mastering this can render Wii Fit Trainer unable to attack Mr. Game & Watch from long range, as he can also absorb Sun Salutation with Oil Panic.

Other uses

  • This technique can be used against opponents in helpless state, as Mr. Game Watch will prevent them from landing with the pushboxes moving them upwards, allowing him to attack in this small window of opportunity. With good timing this can also negate the characters trying ledge sweetspot with their Up Special, and instead launch them upwards in helpless state. However, this technique can also, ironically, help some characters recover, specially those whose Up Special sends them high (such as Pit and Dark Pit's Power of Flight), doubling their travel distance.
    • On the other hand, this can also cause Wario to suicide, since his Wario Waft is the only move that can cause him to suicide if he goes past the upper blast line.
  • When used against certain leaping attacks, such as Diddy Kong's Monkey Flip, Little Mac's Jolt Haymaker and Peach's Peach Bomber, it will briefly changes their momentum, preventing them from hitting Mr. Game & Watch.
  • This can frustrate Peach players using ground-floating, as interestingly, it will launch a floating Peach very high in the air. Ironically, this can also help her recover, which can be useful in Team Battles with friendly fire on.
  • It is possible to prevent Ganondorf players from using "Ganoncide" with Flame Choke. By using at the right timing it can push him upwards, preventing him from grabbing Mr. Game & Watch.
  • When used against Olimar's Winged Pikmin, if only the pushboxes of Mr. Game & Watch's Down Tilt connect against Olimar, his Pikmin (if he has any) will be pushed away. This actually can help him recovery, as the pushboxes will send him very high in the air; but also allows Game & Watch to retaliate while Olimar is helpless.
  • Villager's Balloon Trip can be sabotaged if done correctly; the pushboxes from Mr. Game & Watch's Down Tilt will actually pop the balloons one by one.

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