A tool-assisted speedrun/superplay (abbreviated TAS) is a speedrun movie or performance of a video game produced by using features unavailable to regular players, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame advance of the gameplay in order to play it perfectly. There are many famous people within the Smash community who are famous for their TAS exploits. As no emulators currently exist for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, no TASes have been made for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

SSB TAS examples

Antdgar started the TAS craze for SSB with a now old Fox video where he abused shine cancels in order to perfectly beat 2 level 9 Falcons. Isai, similar to the Chilean Smasher DARK in Melee, has been jokingly called a real life TAS player. Other people within the SSB community famous for TAS are:

  • As stated above, Antdgar, known for his extensive collection of SSB TAS combos and videos.
  • JPleal10, also famous for his Melee TAS's. Commonly referred to as House on Smashboards [1]
  • BlazeSSB
  • DsGnoll, a Japanese TAS player.

SSBM TAS examples

The Perfect Control series by SuperDoodleMan is a very famous example of tool assists. This Smasher is overall famous for his hack gameplay. Likewise, Antdgar, the same person who did tool assists on the first game, also has been recently doing TAS of Ice Climbers chain grab techniques. JPleal10 has also carried out tool assists on Melee. AjpAnton is another famous member of the hacking Melee community, posting videos of Action Replay HRC and BTT videos, pushing the game physics to its limits. Jokingly, Silent Wolf's hands are called TAS worthy since he can play Melee so quickly.

  • Example of Melee TAS match by JPleal10: [2]
  • Example of Melee TAS chain grab by Antdgar: [3]

SSBB TAS examples

TAS has not been used as much, at least so far, for Brawl due to it being a newer and slightly less technical game. However, a code for the stand alone code handler, Ocarina, has been released which allows frame advance gameplay. However, the frame advance is manual, making for inconsistent progress (such as one frame being advanced slightly later after the one before it, making editing an inconsistent process). Due to Brawl not having a consistent slow down program such as Action Replay, most TAS's done for Brawl are done using the Dolphin emulator. The few examples include TAS's of Break the Targets by JPleal10 [4] and Home Run Smash by ssbm4ever [5] and timi1016 [6]

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