Sword of the Creator is Byleth's Up Special Move. Byleth whips the Sword of the Creator upwards, which

can latch onto ledges and opponents, similar to Joker's Grappling Hook.


The Sword of the Creator provides Byleth with a tether recovery. It can be angled by quickly tilting the control stick in the desired direction during the startup of the move. This move does not put Byleth in helplessness, which allows the player to use it multiple times.

As a recovery move, it is usually used grapple onto ledges. However, if Byleth uses the Sword of the Creator to grapple to an opponent, Byleth will jump on them. At low percents, opponents will be launched horizontally, but at high percents, opponents caught with this move will be sent down with a powerful meteor smash. Since Byleth jumps on opponents, this move can, in a sense, send the player upwards, something that most tether up specials cannot do. If the player grapples to the side of the stage, Byleth will do a wall jump. Overall, the vertical boost this move gives, combined with the fact that Byleth can use this move multiple times and that you can wall jump with it, gives Byleth the potential to have a surprisingly far-reaching recovery, something which most tether recoveries don't have.

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