Sword Primids (ソードプリム, Sword Prim in Japan), a.k.a. Beam Primids, are very similar to regular Primids, the only difference being that the Sword Primid has more health and that they hold a Beam Sword. They attack by normally slashing at you with the Sword, but they can also dash at you and then attack. They can also perform charged stabs and jump attacks. Because of this, like the regular Beam Sword weapon, these Primids have a noticeably larger range than standard Primids. They can also reflect projectiles with their swords and string together longer attack combos.

When a Sword Primid has been defeated, it may sometimes drop a Beam Sword for the player to use. They are slightly harder to turn into a trophy than a regular Primid. To make capturing it easier, it should be regularly weakened, then when there is a good distance between the Sword Primid and the player, a Trophy Stand should be thrown. If a Stand is thrown while it is nearby, it can attack and the process of throwing the Trophy Stand will have to be started again. In a larger group, it may be a better idea to attack the Sword Primids from above because they lack a diversity of aerial attacks and their slashes can be evaded more easily. Floaty characters that can stay airborne long enough (Meta Knight, Kirby, Pit, Jigglypuff, etc.) may also find it easier to throw a Trophy Stand at the Primid from above, by throwing it downwards.

Trophy description

A Primid with a sword, as the name suggests. A Sword Primid will generally attack with slashes, but that's not all! It'll also make charging stabs at you, so watch out even when you're a good distance away. It might just be because of the way its sword lights up, but doesn't it remind you of a tarmac worker at an airport?


  • Sword Primids usually drop battering weapons on defeat, most commonly the Beam Sword.
  • The Beam Sword held by Sword Primids is green, whereas the weapon available to playable characters is blue.
  • The Primid's Beam Sword looks a lot like a Lightsaber from Star Wars, more so than the item version.
  • The only way to ensure that they won't reflect a projectile is to attack them from offscreen.