Suzaku Castle (朱雀城, Sujakujō) is a downloadable stage introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, in a bundle that also contains Ryu. It is based on Ryu's stage in Street Fighter II. It also returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The stage takes place on the rooftop of a shiro (Japanese castle), at sunset. It has four platforms; the two to the right have walkoffs, while the left side has one small platform above another small platform; the thinner platforms are fall-through while the thicker is solid. There are small signs that can be broken when hitting opponents next to them, but they do not have any influence on gameplay.

If the current music playing is Ryu Stage Type A or B, or Ken Stage Type A or B, a sped-up version of the respective song will play under the following circumstances: timer reaches 30 seconds in a timed match; the last opponent has one stock left in a stock match; when the last opponent's HP is under 100 in a stamina match; during Sudden Death. This references Street Fighter II, where the stage music speeds up when a fighter loses half of their health.


The stage is based on Ryu's "Japan" stage in Street Fighter II, including the wooden platforms, destructible signs, edge of the rooftop, sunset, and large castle in the background. The castle later reappeared as part of Ryu's stage in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. The orange sunset seen in the background mirror the original form of Suzaku Castle seen in the first CPS-1 based version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. The sky was recoloured blue and set at night in later versions.

The signposts dotted around the stage were indeed a part of the original Suzaku Castle stage in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, but were removed in later revisions. They were later put back in the stage in Hyper Street Fighter II. The signs bear the Japanese kanji "Fūrinkazan" (風林火山?), meaning "Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain". This set of kanji are feudal Japanese war tenets based on phrases spoken by the famous Japanese war strategist Sun Tzu: "Be swift as the wind, still as a forest, fierce as fire, immovable as a mountain." These kanji can also be seen sewn into Ryu's belt.

The signs break when fighters are attacked near them, mirroring the original game where they would break when characters come into contact with them via either attacks or throws.

If the current song playing is "Ryu Type A", the match's time limit goes down to its last minute or the last of an opponent's stock goes down to one, a dramatic "pinch" version of the song plays. This references the original Street Fighter II in which the dramatic "pinch" version of a stage theme would play when a fighter was down to half of their life meter and/or was in danger of losing the match entirely.

According to supplementary materials and sources, the castle is Ryu's home and dojo, which is also said to have belonged to Gouken, his master. It is said to stem from the Sengoku period of Japan, and is seemingly abandoned, with very few people other than locals knowing where it is located. The fighting portion of the stage is in fact a constructed platform made specifically for the Second World Warrior Tournament.



  • This is the only stage that has interactive objects (the signs) in an Omega Stage, although this is used for aesthetic purposes.
  • This is one of two stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where the Prince of Sablé from the Assist Trophy does not appear, due to the stage's wide gap and some rather narrow platforms for his abilities. The other stage he does not appear in is Mute City SNES.

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