Superspicy Curry (激辛(げきから) カレーライス, gekikara karēraisu, Lit:Extremely Hot Curry & Rice) is an item introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When consumed, the user is able to attack as usual, but they have constant flames erupting in front of them from their mouth in an up-and-down sweep. (While the flames come from the user's mouth, they always face the same direction as the character, even when tumbling or some other not-facing-forwards animation). When standing idle, characters will hop up and down as if they were burning themselves. It is different from the Fire Flower because the flames of the curry are constant, even while performing other attacks. This item causes a status change instead of being used as a weapon. A character under the effect of Superspicy Curry cannot walk, instead he/she always dashes. The flames from the Curry are energy projectiles, making Curry-affected players extremely susceptible to characters like Fox and Wolf who have excellent reflecting moves, or Ness and Lucas who can absorb energy attacks attacks. It also makes being around explosives a bad idea.

While the stream of fire doesn't normally end until the effect wears off, it is temporarily suspended if the character grabs someone. This is to prevent the fire from creating a sort of wobble. The fire resumes when the grabbed character is released.

"Curry" is also a mode in Special Brawl, which gives all players a permanent "Curry" status.

One can perform a glitch with the hot curry as well.


This was an item in Kirby's Dream Land that granted Kirby the ability to spit fireballs. However, this has not appeared in later Kirby games (likely because of the innovation of copy abilities in Kirby's Adventure).

Trophy Info


The Superspicy Curry Trophy

The spiciest curry around. Eat it, and you'll be able to attack by spitting out fireballs. The eater of the curry will soon be unable to handle the heat, however, and end up frantically dashing about the screen. This is a pretty funny sight that never gets old, especially when it's Samus or Snake. Eat this mouth-scorching dish if you dare.

  • Kirby's Dream Land (1992)

Hope you're a fan of spicy food, because this curry will set your mouth on fire! I'm not kidding--whoever eats this will actually shoot balls of fire from his or her mouth, hurting those who get too close. Water doesn't help with spiciness, so this works underwater too! Too bad there's no milk weapon...

  • Game Boy - Kirby's Dream Land (08/1992)

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  • When one plays as Kirby, Wario, or King Dedede, and uses inhale/swallow on an opponent, the fire from the curry disappears (the fire around the player will still be there).
  • When one is under curry effect, one can damage using one's taunt, like R.O.B.'s Diffusion Beam. Oddly, characters that spin or turn their faces in any direction during the taunt will continue shooting fireballs forward.
  • The curry effect can overlap with the Bunny Hood, which can make characters run even faster, and makes it easier for Sonic to outrun the cars on Big Blue.
  • This item will not work with characters who have triggered the Undead glitch.
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