Swing the sword forward in a wide range. If it hits an opponent, Safer Sephiroth will appear and deal massive damage with a supernova explosion that can also sometimes inflict status effects. The first swing can hit up to three opponents.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List.

Supernova is Sephiroth's Final Smash


Sephiroth initiates the Final Smash by exclaiming "星に帰れ." ("Return to the stars.") as he gives a wide swing of his sword Masamune, which can catch up to three opponents. After fighters have been trapped, it will then cut to a cinematic where Sephiroth transforms into his ultimate form, Safer∙Sephiroth, to summon the Meteor. It then goes straight through a landmass and into the Sun, causing an astronomical explosion which is then seen destroying the Planet.

After the scene, all opponents take 32% damage as well as go under the effect of a random status ailment:

  • Sleep for 22 seconds
  • Have a Flower for 30 seconds (dealing nearly triple the normal damage)
  • Have the controls reversed for 25 seconds
  • Have their Shield broken and stunned for 20 seconds
  • Enter a slowed down state for 25 seconds
  • Launched farther than normal



Sephiroth's Super Nova (HD 1080p)-2

The full 2-minute cutscene for Supernova as it appears in Final Fantasy VII.

Supernova (localized as "Super Nova" in the original Final Fantasy VII) is Sephiroth's ultimate attack that he can initiate during the game's final battle. The Final Smash's custscene is a heavily abridged version of a similar cutscene that occurs when Sephiroth casts the spell in the international version of Final Fantasy VII, where it infamously takes two minutes to complete. During the sequence, Cloud and his party's HP slowly goes down, and then are inflicted with a random status ailment at the scene's end.

Safer∙Sephiroth is one of the forms Sephiroth takes in the final battle, transforming into it at the start of the third phase. This massive angelic form is the body Sephiroth was constructing for himself during his hibernation in the Northern Cave as part of his plan to absorb the Planet's Lifestream to attain godhood.


  • Supernova is the longest cinematic Final Smash to date, at 8 seconds, beating out Gigaslash's 7 seconds.
    • This could be meant to mirror the original cutscene's 2 minute runtime
  • This is one of four Final Smashes to have pre-rendered cinematics (most likely for space-saving reasons), the other three being All-Out Attack, Gigaslash, and House of Boom
    • All four are coincidentally DLC Final Smashes
  • Much like Triple Wolf and ARMS Rush, Mr. Game & Watch's model becomes 3D if trapped.
  • The mathematical equations shown during the cinematic sequence are the Hellmann-Feynman theorem and the Einstein gravitational constant, two equations that apply towards quantum mechanics and spacetime.
    • The equations are meant to mirror the ones relating to astrophysics in the original sequence, which showed the precise equations needed to theoretically pull off Supernova in real life.


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