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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ Special, Great Fray Smash Brothers Special), often shortened as "SSBU", "Smash Ultimate" or "Ultimate", is the sixth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series and it was released worldwide for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.



The game consists of 89 characters. All 65 fighters from the previous five games have returned for this installment. In turn, the development team stated that there would not be many newcomers in the base game, with there being a total of 12 newcomers. Including the DLC characters, there is a total of 24 newcomers.

Seven characters (Dark Samus, Daisy, Lucina, Chrom, Dark Pit, Richter, and Ken) are not given their own numbers among the roster due to being Echo Fighters; they instead have the number of the fighter they are based off of along with an epsilon symbol (ε) or apostrophe ('). The Pokémon Trainer counts as three characters, but only occupies one roster spot, with the selection of the starting Pokémon coming after you select him/her.

Additionally, the game has 12 DLC characters, beginning with Piranha Plant (a generic enemy from the Super Mario series). The DLC characters continued with the release of Fighters Pass Volume 1, which contained Joker (the protagonist of Atlus' Persona 5), Hero (consisting of four protagonists from Square Enix's Dragon Quest series), Banjo & Kazooie (the two protagonists from Microsoft's eponymous series), Terry (the protagonist from SNK's Fatal Fury series and a major supporting fighter from The King of Fighters series), and Byleth (the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses).

The DLC characters concluded with the release of Fighters Pass Volume 2 which contained Min Min (a fighter from ARMS), Steve (the protagonist of Mojang Studios' Minecraft series), Sephiroth (the antagonist of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII), Pyra and Mythra (the two deuteragonists of Monolith Soft's Xenoblade Chronicles 2), Kazuya Mishima (the main antagonist of Bandai Namco's Tekken series), and Sora (the main protagonist of Disney's and Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series).

The starting roster consists of the original 8 characters from Super Smash Bros. with the rest of the characters being unlockable or downloadable via Nintendo eShop purchase.[1]

Mario SSBU.png
1. Mario
Donkey Kong SSBU.png
2. Donkey Kong
Link SSBU.png
3. Link
Samus SSBU.png
4. Samus
Yoshi SSBU.png
5. Yoshi
Kirby SSBU.png
6. Kirby
Fox SSBU.png
7. Fox
Pikachu SSBU.png
8. Pikachu
Luigi SSBU.png
9. Luigi
Ness SSBU.png
10. Ness
Captain Falcon SSBU.png
11. Captain Falcon
Jigglypuff SSBU.png
12. Jigglypuff
Peach SSBU.png
13. Peach
Bowser SSBU.png
14. Bowser
Ice Climbers SSBU.png
15. Ice Climbers
Sheik SSBU.png
16. Sheik
Zelda SSBU.png
17. Zelda
Dr. Mario SSBU.png
18. Dr. Mario
Pichu SSBU.png
19. Pichu
Falco SSBU.png
20. Falco
Marth SSBU.png
21. Marth
Lucina SSBU.png
21ε. Lucina
Young Link SSBU.png
22. Young Link
Ganondorf SSBU.png
23. Ganondorf
Mewtwo SSBU.png
24. Mewtwo
Roy SSBU.png
25. Roy
Mr. Game & Watch SSBU.png
26. Mr. Game & Watch
Meta Knight SSBU.png
27. Meta Knight
Pit SSBU.png
28. Pit
Dark Pit SSBU.png
28ε. Dark Pit
Zero Suit Samus SSBU.png
29. Zero Suit Samus
Wario SSBU.png
30. Wario
Snake SSBU.png
31. Snake
MetalGearSymbol (1).svg
Ike SSBU.png
32. Ike
Pokémon Trainer SSBU.png
33-35. Pokémon Trainer
Diddy Kong SSBU.png
36. Diddy Kong
Lucas SSBU.png
37. Lucas
Sonic SSBU.png
38. Sonic
King Dedede SSBU.png
39. King Dedede
Olimar SSBU.png
40. Olimar
Lucario SSBU.png
41. Lucario
R.O.B. SSBU.png
42. R.O.B.
Toon Link SSBU.png
43. Toon Link
Wolf SSBU.png
44. Wolf
Villager SSBU.png
45. Villager
Mega Man SSBU.png
46. Mega Man
Wii Fit Trainer SSBU.png
47. Wii Fit Trainer
Rosalina & Luma SSBU.png
48. Rosalina & Luma
Little Mac SSBU.png
49. Little Mac
Greninja SSBU.png
50. Greninja
Mii Fighters SSBU.png
51-53. Mii Fighters
Palutena SSBU.png
54. Palutena
Pac-Man SSBU.png
55. Pac-Man
Robin SSBU.png
56. Robin
Shulk SSBU.png
57. Shulk
Bowser Jr. SSBU.png
58. Bowser Jr.
Duck Hunt SSBU.png
59. Duck Hunt
Ryu SSBU.png
60. Ryu
Cloud SSBU.png
61. Cloud
Corrin SSBU.png
62. Corrin
Bayonetta SSBU.png
63. Bayonetta

Bold denotes starter characters

Dark Samus SSBU.png
4ε. Dark Samus
Daisy - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png
13ε. Daisy
Chrom SSBU.png
25ε. Chrom
Ken SSBU.png
60ε. Ken
Inkling SSBU.png
64. Inkling
Ridley SSBU.png
65. Ridley
Simon Belmont SSBU.png
66. Simon
Richter Belmont SSBU.png
66ε. Richter
King K. Rool SSBU.png
67. King K. Rool
Isabelle SSBU.png
68. Isabelle
Incineroar SSBU.png
69. Incineroar
Piranha Plant SSBU.png
70. Piranha Plant
Joker - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png
71. Joker
Hero SSBU.png
72. Hero
73. Banjo & Kazooie
74. Terry
Byleth SSBU.png
75. Byleth
Min Min SSBU.png
76. Min Min
Steve SSBU.png
77. Steve
Sephiroth - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png
78. Sephiroth
Pyra & Mythra SSBU.png
79-80. Pyra/Mythra
81. Kazuya
82. Sora
Pallete Swap Characters
Alph SSBU-0.png
(Dragon Quest III)

(Dragon Quest IV)

(Dragon Quest VIII)

Alex SSBU.png
Zombie SSBU.png
Enderman SSBU.png
World of Light only
Master Hand SSBU.png
Master Hand
  • Number indicates the order of appearance in the series.
  • ε or ' indicates Echo Fighters, fighters that share the same movesets and traits as another.


There are currently 113 stages, 103 of which are in the base game and available from the start, with the remaining 10 being released as DLC. 96 stages from previous installments have returned for this installment. Omega forms returned for all stages alongside a new Battlefield form. Alongside the base game's 103 stages there are currently 10 DLC stages, 9 of which come bundled with characters who are a part of the 2 Fighters Passes, with the tenth being added as a part of V8.1.0. Three more stages are currently in development as a part of Fighters Pass Volume 2, which will bring the total number of stages to 116.

New Stages
Small Battlefield.jpg
Small Battlefield
SSBU Big Battlefield.png
Big Battlefield
SSBU Final Destination.jpg
Final Destination
SSBU-New Donk City Hall.jpg
New Donk City Hall
Great Plateau Tower.png
Great Plateau Tower
SSBU-Moray Towers.png
Moray Towers
SSBU-Dracula's Castle.png
Dracula's Castle
SSBU-Mementos (Persona 5).jpg
SSBU-Yggdrasil's Altar.jpg
Yggdrasil's Altar
SSBU-Spiral Mountain.jpg
Spiral Mountain
SSBU-Fatal Fury Stage.png
King of Fighters Stadium
SSBU-Garreg Mach Monastery.jpg
Garreg Mach Monastery
SSBU-Spring Stadium.jpg
Spring Stadium
Minecraft World.jpg
Minecraft World
Northern Cave.jpeg
Northern Cave
SSBU-Cloud Sea of Alrest.jpg
Cloud Sea of Alrest
Mishima Dojo.jpeg
Mishima Dojo
SSBU-Hollow Bastion.jpg
Hollow Bastion
Returning Stages
SSBU-Peach's Castle.png
Peach's Castle
SSBU-Kongo Jungle.png
Kongo Jungle
SSBU-Hyrule Castle.png
Hyrule Castle
SSBU-Yoshi's Island (SSB).png
Super Happy Tree
SSBU-Dream Land.png
Dream Land
SSBU-Saffron City.jpg
Saffron City
SSBU-Mushroom Kingdom (SSB).png
Mushroom Kingdom
SSBU Princess Peach's Castle.png
Princess Peach's Castle
SSBU-Rainbow Cruise.png
Rainbow Cruise
SSBU Kongo Falls.png
Kongo Falls
SSBU-Jungle Japes.png
Jungle Japes
SSBU-Great Bay.jpg
Great Bay
SSBU-Yoshi's Island (SSBM).png
Yoshi's Island (Melee)
SSBU-Yoshi's Story.png
Yoshi's Story
SSBU-Fountain of Dreams.png
Fountain of Dreams
SSBU-Green Greens.png
Green Greens
SSBU-Pokémon Stadium.png
Pokémon Stadium
SSBU-Mushroom Kingdom II.png
Mushroom Kingdom II
SSBU-Brinstar Depths.png
Brinstar Depths
SSBU-Big Blue.png
Big Blue
Fourside SSBU.jpg
SSBU-Delfino Plaza.jpg
Delfino Plaza
SSBU-Mushroomy Kingdom.png
Mushroomy Kingdom
SSBU-Mario Circuit (SSBB).png
Figure-8 Circuit
SSBU-WarioWare Inc.png
WarioWare, Inc.
SSBU-Bridge of Eldin.png
Bridge of Eldin
SSBU-Frigate Orpheon.png
Frigate Orpheon
SSBU Yoshi's Island (SSBB).png
Yoshi's Island
SSBU Lylat Cruise.png
Lylat Cruise
SSBU-Pokémon Stadium 2.png
Pokémon Stadium 2
SSBU-Port Town Aero Dive.png
Port Town Aero Dive
SSBU-Castle Siege.png
Castle Siege
SSBU-Distant Planet.png
Distant Planet
SSBU-New Pork City.png
New Pork City
SSBU-Shadow Moses Island.jpg
Shadow Moses Island
MetalGearSymbol (1).svg
SSBU-Luigi's Mansion.png
Luigi's Mansion
SSBU-Pirate Ship.png
Pirate Ship
SSBU-Spear Pillar.png
Spear Pillar
SSBU-Mario Bros.png
Mario Bros.
SSBU-Green Hill Zone.png
Green Hill Zone
SSBU-3D Land.png
3D Land
SSBU-Golden Plains.png
Golden Plains
SSBU-Paper Mario.png
Paper Mario
SSBU-Gerudo Valley.png
Gerudo Valley
SSBU-Spirit Train.png
Spirit Train
SSBU-Dream Land (3DS).png
Dream Land GB
SSBU-Unova Pokémon League.png
Unova Pokémon League
SSBU-Prism Tower.png
Prism Tower
SSBU-Mute City (3DS).png
Mute City SNES
SSBU-Arena Ferox.png
Arena Ferox
SSBU-Reset Bomb Forest.png
Reset Bomb Forest
SSBU-Tortimer Island.png
Tortimer Island
SSBU-Balloon Fight.png
Balloon Fight
SSBU-Living Room.png
Living Room
SSBU-Find Mii.png
Find Mii
SSBU-Tomodachi Life.png
Tomodachi Life
SSBU-PictoChat 2.png
PictoChat 2
SSBU-Mushroom Kingdom U.png
Mushroom Kingdom U
SSBU-Mario Galaxy.jpg
Mario Galaxy
SSBU-Mario Circuit (SSB4).png
Mario Circuit
SSBU-The Great Cave Offensive.png
The Great Cave Offensive
SSBU-Kalos Pokémon League.png
Kalos Pokémon League
SSBU-Flat Zone X.png
Flat Zone X
SSBU-Palutena's Temple.png
Palutena's Temple
SSBU-Garden of Hope.png
Garden of Hope
SSBU-Town and City.png
Town and City
SSBU-Wii Fit Studio.png
Wii Fit Studio
SSBU-Boxing Ring.png
Boxing Ring
SSBU-Gaur Plain.png
Gaur Plain
SSBU-Duck Hunt.png
Duck Hunt
SSBU-Wrecking Crew.png
Wrecking Crew
SSBU-Wuhu Island.png
Wuhu Island
SSBU-Windy Hill Zone.png
Windy Hill Zone
SSBU-Wily Castle.png
Wily Castle
SSBU-Super Mario Maker.png
Super Mario Maker
SSBU-Suzaku Castle.png
Suzaku Castle
SSBU-Umbra Clock Tower.png
Umbra Clock Tower


Bold denotes new item

Image Name Description Type Heavy? Series Debut
Smash Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Smash Ball Flies around the stage. Characters must break in order to obtain. Once broken, player presses their neutral special button to use their Final Smash. Will fly off-stage after a short period if not obtained and used. Other No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Fake Smash Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Fake Smash Ball Flies around the stage, similar to the Smash Ball. Characters can break it in order to activate. Once broken, it will explode. Other No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Crate (SSBU Item Render).png Crate Contains many items. Has a one-in-eight chance of exploding when thrown, or hit with enough force to break. Container Yes Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Rolling Crate (SSBU Item Render).png Rolling Crate When thrown, struck, or landing on a hill, it will roll across the stage and damage what it hits without breaking, though it will break with enough force. Can be stood on. Container Yes Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Blast Box (SSBU Item Render).png Blast Box Very poor throwing distance. Explodes upon taking 30% damage or a flame attack. Other Yes Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Barrel (SSBU Item Render).png Barrel Once thrown, struck, or landed on a slope, may roll across the stage and damage what it hits before breaking. Has a one-in-eight chance of exploding. Container Yes Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Capsule (SSBU Item Render).png Capsule Contains a single item. Has a one-in-eight chance of exploding. Container No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Party Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Party Ball Once activated by being thrown or damaged, it floats into the air and opens, dropping its items. Container Yes Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)
Sandbag (SSBU Item Render).png Sandbag When attacked, produces items. Other No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)
Food (SSBU Item Render).png Food Each type of food recovers a different amount of damage. Can be produced in large numbers by Peach Blossom. Recovery No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)
Gooey Bomb (SSBU Item Render).png Gooey Bomb When thrown, attaches to characters and can transfer to other characters that pass by. Explodes after a certain time or if attacked when not on a character. Throwing No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Motion-Sensor Bomb (SSBU Item Render).png Motion-Sensor Bomb Attaches to the stage once thrown; characters that approach it after a short time cause it to explode. Throwing No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Home-Run Bat (SSBU Item Render).png Home-Run Bat An extremely powerful item. Its forward smash is among the most powerful attacks in all four games, being a one-hit KO in every one. As a throwing item, it maintains its high knockback and is a semi-spike. In Brawl, forward smash uses a unique animation. It becomes stronger when hit on the tip. Battering No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Beam Sword (SSBU Item Render).png Beam Sword Starting in Melee, gets longer when swung depending on character. Peach has a rare chance of plucking one when using Vegetable. Battering No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Ray Gun (SSBU Item Render).png Ray Gun Fires blasts of energy that have infinite horizontal range. Shooting No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Assist Trophy (SSBU Item Render).png Assist Trophy When picked up, after the character lands on the ground, they will perform a short animation and summon a random character to aid them in the fight. Helping No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Bumper (SSBU Item Render).png Bumper Can be placed on the stage or (starting in Brawl) set in midair, where it will knock away characters that touch it. If two or more are present, they can be used to momentarily trap characters by bouncing them back and forth. Throwing No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. (1999)
Timer (SSBU Item Render).png Timer Slows down all opponents. Can backfire and slow down the user, or slow down the entire game. Other No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Smoke Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Smoke Ball Once thrown, spews smoke around its immediate area. May stick to opponents. Throwing No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Drill (SSBU Item Render).png Drill Allows the wearer to fire a large drill. Shooting No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (2014)
Black Hole (SSBU Item Render).png Black Hole Creates a massive black hole, dragging all items and players nearby in. Throws the opposite side of user's orientation. Throwing No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Rage Blaster (SSBU Item Render).png Rage Blaster Fires a blast of energy. The higher the percent a user has, the more damage it does. Shooting No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Healing Field (SSBU Item Render).png Healing Field Can be thrown on the ground. Once thrown, it will open up and will heal anyone standing on it. Recovery No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Healing Sprout (SSBU Item Render).png Healing Sprout Sticks to fighters and gradually heals them. Can be transferred on contact like the Gooey Bomb. Recovery No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Banana Gun (SSBU Item Render).png Banana Gun Ejects the banana out of the peel and the player is left with the banana peel after using it. Shooting No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Beastball (SSBU Item Render).png Beastball Reappears near an opponent after being thrown and targets them, covered in flames. Throwing No Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Super Mushroom (SSBU Item Render).png Super Mushroom Slides across the stage. When touched, enlarges the character. Transformation No Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Poison Mushroom (SSBU Item Render).png Poison Mushroom Slides across the stage. When touched, shrinks the character. Transformation No Mario Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986)
Fire Flower (SSBU Item Render).png Fire Flower Produces a continuous stream of short-range fire. Shooting No Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Super Star (SSBU Item Render).png Super Star Bounces across the stage, and makes whoever it touches invulnerable to all damage and knockback for a short time. Users can still be KO'd if they fall off the stage with it. Transformation No Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Super Leaf (SSBU Item Render).png Super Leaf Gives the user raccoon ears and tail. Allows the user to float in mid-air using the jump button. Gear No Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Metal Box (SSBU Item Render).png Metal Box Turns the user metallic, increasing their weight and falling speed, while also reducing the chances of flinching. Can be activated by pickup or by direct attack; indirect attacks will either destroy it (in Melee) or do nothing (other games). Transformation No Mario Super Mario 64 (1996)
Green Shell (SSBU Item Render).png Green Shell When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits. Can be stopped by jumping on it. Throwing No Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Spiny Blue Shell (SSBU Item Render).png Spiny Shell Commonly known as the 'Blue Shell'. Hovers above a player before dropping onto them and exploding. Can be dodged, or it can hit someone other than its intended target on descent. Throwing No Mario Mario Kart 64 (1996)
Lighting (SSBU Item Render).png Lighting When touched, shrinks all opponents. Can backfire and shrink the user or enlarge all opponents. Other No Mario Super Mario Kart (1992)
Banana Peel (SSBU Item Render).png Banana Peel Once thrown, trips opponents that touch it. Diddy Kong can summon these by using his down special, Banana Peel, leading into deadly mindgames and combo/KO setups. Throwing No Mario Super Mario Kart (1992)
Bob-Omb (SSBU Item Render).png Bob-omb Very powerful explosive. If not grabbed within a few seconds of its appearance, it lights its own fuse and begins walking around, exploding on any character it meets. If it doesn't meet a character it will blow itself up after a while. Peach has a rare chance of plucking one when using Vegetable. Throwing No Mario Super Mario Bros. 2 USA (1987)
Bullet Bill (SSBU Item Render).png Bullet Bill Transforms the user into a Bullet Bill and launches them in a specified direction, dealing big damage to anyone they hit along the way. After a set distance, the user returns to normal. Can be reflected. Other No Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Hothead (SSBU Item Render).png Hothead Follows the contours of the stage once thrown. Grows in size and damage but lasts for a shorter time when hit by flame or electric attacks. Throwing No Mario Super Mario World (1990)
Freezie (SSBU Item Render).png Freezie Slides across the stage, freezing characters when struck by it. Can be destroyed before being picked up. Throwing No Mario Mario Bros. (1983)
Fire Bar (SSBU Item Render).png Fire Bar Causes fire damage. Grows shorter with each successful attack. Battering No Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
POW Block (SSBU Item Render).png POW Block When thrown, it causes an earthquake, launching all characters (including the player) straight up if on the ground. Can be used three times. Throwing No Mario Mario Bros. (1983)
Boomerang (SSBU Item Render).png Boomerang Can be thrown at and grabbed by opponents. Returns to the thrower unless intercepted. Gains power when caught. Throwing No Mario Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (2004)
Soccer Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Soccer Ball Cannot be picked up. When attacked, it careens in the knockback direction with high damage and knockback. Other No Mario Super Mario Strikers (2005)
Launch Star (SSBU Item Render).png Super Launch Star Can be set in midair, where it will attract and launch any characters that get too close to it. The launch has the potential to KO fighters. Throwing No Mario Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Grass (SSBU Item Render).png Grass When picked up, another item appears in its place. Container No Mario Super Mario Bros. 2 USA (1987)
Hammer (SSBU Item Render).png Hammer One of the most feared items in the game due to its range, damage, and knockback. However, it limits the user to walking and a single jump; the user cannot even choose to drop the item. May randomly lose its head and become useless. Battering No Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (1981)
Heart Container (SSBU Item Render).png Heart Container Strongest recovery item, recovering up to 100% damage (in the original Super Smash Bros., it can reset player health to 0%). Recovery No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Bunny Hood (SSBU Item Render).png Bunny Hood Increases the user's movement speed, jump height, and falling speed. Gear No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Deku Nut (SSBU Item Render).png Deku Nut When thrown, damaged, or after a short time (even if held), nearby characters are stunned (if grounded) or launched (if aerial). Used in the Rathalos battle. Throwing No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Fairy Bottle (SSBU Item Render).png Fairy Bottle Recovers an excess of 100% damage, but only if the user's damage is 100% or more. Otherwise, can be thrown, but will heal anyone hit who meets the prior requirement. Recovery No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Cucco (SSBU Item Render).png Cucco Can be thrown at opponents. If attacked or thrown at a player, it summons various Cuccos that attack the player that attacked it or was hit by it. Throwing No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)
Beetle (SSBU Item Render).png Beetle Can be thrown towards an opponent, and the item will grab the opponent and fly off into the air with them. Can be reversed by hitting it. Throwing No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)
Bombchu (SSBU Item Render).png Bombchu Can move up walls and across floors and ceilings. Explodes on contact with opponent. Throwing No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Gust Bellows (SSBU Item Render).png Gust Bellows Blows gusts of wind at other players to push them away. Shooting No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)
Screw Attack (SSBU Item Render).png Screw Attack Turns the holder's jumps into Screw Attacks. Until the item wears off and does not need to be held in-hand once picked up. Gear No Metroid Metroid (1986)
Star Rod (SSBU Item Render).png Star Rod Has a limited supply of long-range star shots produced on f-tilt or f-smash. Battering No Kirby Kirby's Adventure (1993)
Warp Star (SSBU Item Render).png Warp Star Once picked up, the user flies into the sky and then crashes down with an explosion. Can be steered slightly, and if there are platforms above, will land there instead of the starting point. Other No Kirby Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Maxim Tomato (SSBU Item Render).png Maxim Tomato The third most powerful recovery item, healing up to 50% damage. Recovery No Kirby Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Superspicy Curry (SSBU Item Render).png Superspicy Curry Causes the user to constantly shoot short-range fireballs and be incapable of walking slowly. Other No Kirby Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Dragoon Parts (SSBU Item Render).png Dragoon Appears in three pieces that must be collected all at once; characters can lose pieces from their possession when hit or KO'd. Once one character has all the pieces the Dragoon is assembled and flown into the stage for a one-hit KO ram attack. Combining No Kirby Kirby Air Ride (2003)
Bomber (SSBU Item Render).png Bomber Explodes in the player's hand when used. Only affects enemies. Other No Kirby Kirby's Adventure (1993)
Smart Bomb (SSBU Item Render).png Smart Bomb Produces a large explosion when thrown or attacked. Has a chance to be a dud, though it can still explode if hit or thrown again. Throwing No Star Fox Star Fox (1993)
Poké Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Poké Ball Once thrown and lands on the ground, unleashes a Pokémon to aid the user. Helping No Pokémon Pokémon Red and Green Versions (1996)
Master Ball (SSBU Item Render).png Master Ball Just like the Poké Ball, but it is guaranteed to release a rare or Legendary Pokémon. Helping No Pokémon Pokémon Red and Green Versions (1996)
Mr. Saturn (SSBU Item Render).png Mr. Saturn Walks around the stage and can be knocked about by attacks. Deals massive damage to shields when thrown, but only minor damage otherwise. Throwing No EarthBound MOTHER 2 (1994)
Franklin Badge (SSBU Item Render).png Franklin Badge Temporarily makes the wearer immune to projectiles by automatically reflecting them. Can be knocked off. Gear No EarthBound MOTHER 2 (1994)
Ramblin' Evil Mushroom (SSBU Item Render).png Ramblin' Evil Mushroom A mushroom will grow on the opponent's head, reversing the left and right controls. Shooting No EarthBound MOTHER 2 (1994)
Killing Edge (SSBU Item Render).png Killing Edge A sword that deals x2 more damage and knockback when glowing. Battering No Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light (1990)
Back Shield (SSBU Item Render).png Back Shield Defends the wearer from attacks towards their back. Gear No Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Ore Club (SSBU Item Render).png Ore Club An extremely powerful club made of stone that produces tornadoes when swung. Grants super armor when used as a forward smash. Battering No Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
X Bomb (SSBU Item Render).png X Bomb Creates a cross-shaped explosion that spans most of the screen. Throwing No Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Killer Eye (SSBU Item Render).png Killer Eye When placed, can fire energy beams in the direction it faces. Hitting it flips it around. Throwing No Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Daybreak Parts (SSBU Item Render).png Daybreak Appears in three pieces that must be collected all at once; characters can lose pieces from their possession when hit or KO'd. Once one character has all the pieces the weapon assembles in their hands, which they can then use at their discretion to fire a giant laser across the stage, almost guaranteed to KO anyone it hits. Combining No Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Staff (SSBU Item Render).png Staff Shoots a beam. The farther the opponent is, the more damage it deals. Shooting No Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Hocotate Bomb (SSBU Item Render).png Hocotate Bomb A bomb shaped like the Hocotate Ship that will fly off, and then crash down after a set time. Throwing No Pikmin Pikmin 2 (2004)
Pitfall (SSBU Item Render).png Pitfall Embeds itself into the ground once thrown; characters that approach it after a short time will be buried or Meteor Smashed. Can also be thrown at an opponent directly for the same effect. Throwing No Animal Crossing Animal Forest (2001)
Beehive (SSBU Item Render).png Beehive Can be thrown at opponents. If attacked or thrown at a player, it summons bees that attack the player that attacked it or was hit by it. Throwing No Animal Crossing Animal Forest (2001)
Death's Scythe (SSBU Item Render).png Death's Scythe Instantly KOs opponents at high percentages. Battering No Castlevania Castlevania (1986)
Golden Hammer (SSBU Item Render).png Golden Hammer Acts the same as the regular Hammer, though faster, more powerful and with the ability to float. May be a dud Squeaky Hammer that deals no damage at all. Battering No Wrecking Crew Wrecking Crew (1985)
Rocket Belt (SSBU Item Render).png Rocket Belt Can be equipped and used to increase upward momentum at will, similar to R.O.B.'s up-special. Gear No Pilotwings Pilotwings (1990)
Unira (SSBU Item Render).png Unira Attaches to the stage once thrown or attacked and pokes opponents that come near. Can be set or reset with a direct attack; indirect ones do nothing. Throwing No Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land (1984)
Boss Galaga (SSBU Item Render).png Boss Galaga Carries foes upward to the top of the screen. Can be destroyed by attacking it. Throwing No Galaxian Galaga (1981)
Super Scope (SSBU Item Render).png Super Scope Can shoot a total of 48 small rapid-fire pulses of energy or charge 3 large blobs of energy. Shooting No Nintendo Super Scope 6 (1992)
Lip's Stick (SSBU Item Render).png Lip's Stick Flowers opponents. Has a limited supply of short-range spore projectiles produced on f-tilt or f-smash. Battering No Panel de Pon Panel de Pon (1995)
Special Flag (SSBU Item Render).png Special Flag Can be held above the user's head for a long period to gain either a KO point in a timed match or a stock in a stock match. Unlike other items, this one will always be dropped if the user is hit while holding it. Other No Rally-X Rally-X (1980)
Steel Diver (SSBU Item Render).png Steel Diver A smaller gun-like version of the Steel Diver from the self-titled game for the Nintendo 3DS. Fires a torpedo which travels slowly at first. Deals no shield damage whatsoever. Shooting No Steel Diver Steel Diver (2011)


Bold denotes new Pokémon

Image Name Description National Pokédex Move
Raichu Alolan Pokémon SSBU.png Raichu (Alolan) Alolan Raichu targets opponents as it flies around the stage dealing damage on contact, often hitting opponents multiple times. 026 indeterminate
Vulpix Pokémon SSBU.png Vulpix Vulpixh soots fire similar to Ness's PK Fire, dealing minor but rapid damage. Will turn to face opponents if there is no one in front of it. 037 indeterminate
Vulpix (Alolan) Pokémon SSBU.png Vulpix (Alolan) Alolan Vulpix shoots horizontal blasts of ice out in front of it, dealing lighter, rapid hits at the edge. Opponents hit by the ice will be frozen for a short period of time. Will turn to face opponents if there is no one in front of it. 037 indeterminate
Meowth Pokémon SSBU.png Meowth Meowth hurls numerous coins in various directions. 052 Pay Day
Abra Pokémon SSBU.png Abra Abra doesn’t cause any attacks that do damage, but it will approach the opponent and try to teleport them offstage. It will teleport them three times before disappearing. 063 Teleport
Electrode Pokémon SSBU.png Electrode Electrode self-destructs after three seconds and is capable of damaging its summoner. With good timing, a player can throw it last second. 101 Explosion
Exeggutor (Alolan) Pokémon SSBU.png Exeggutor (Alolan) Alolan Exeggutor does not attack; rather, it stands where it was thrown and its tall trunk/neck acts as a barrier, effectively splitting the stage in two. Fighters hoping to get around Exeggutor must go over its head or under whatever platform it is standing on. 103 N/A
Goldeen Pokémon SSBU.png Goldeen Goldeen flops on the ground, causing no damage in the process. 118 Splash
Staryu Pokémon SSBU.png Staryu Staryu flies to the nearest opponent and shoots them with star-shaped rays. If successful the opponent is trapped until Staryu disappears. It is the successor of Starmie. 120 Swift
Ditto Pokémon SSBU.png Ditto Ditto will transform into the character that threw the Pokè Ball and will fight alongside them. However, similar to certain Assist Trophies, Ditto can be damaged like a regular fighter. It was originally planned to be in Melee, but was scrapped due to technical difficulties. 132 Transform
Eevee Pokémon SSBU.png Eevee Eevee slams its body into opponents. 133 Take Down
Snorlax Pokémon SSBU.png Snorlax Snorlax leaps off the screen and returns larger. It descends with the force of its full body weight. 143 Body Slam
Moltres Pokémon SSBU.png Moltres Moltres will fly off the stage, damaging opponents it comes in contact with. Simple contact has OHKO power, except for the lower body which deals meteor smash instead. It previously appeared as an aesthetic cameo on Saffron City. 146 Fly
Mew Pokémon SSBU.png Mew Mew gracefully flies off the stage. It is extremely rare and gifts the summoner with bonus points. 151 Fly
Togepi Pokémon SSBU.png Togepi Togepi will randomly use one of five moves: Night Shade, Magnitude, Powder Snow, Hypnosis, or Leech Seed. 175 Metronome
Bellossom Pokémon SSBU.png Bellossom Bellossom causes opponents within its range to fall into a deep sleep. 182 Sweet Scent
Scizor Pokémon SSBU.png Scizor Scizor charges while flailing its claws, then performs a leaping kick as it jumps off the stage. 212 Metal Claw
Entei Pokémon SSBU.png Entei Entei produces a massive pillar of fire, trapping opponents within its vertical range. 244 Fire Spin
Suicune Pokémon SSBU.png Suicune Suicune shoots a powerful horizontal beam. It has a very high OHKO potential, due to its immense knockback. 245 Aurora Beam
Lugia Pokémon SSBU.png Lugia Lugia flies to the background of the stage and releases waves of energy over the portion of the stage in front of it. It is often an OHKO if most hits connect (can whiff on sides). 249 Aeroblast
Gardevoir Pokémon SSBU.png Gardevoir Gardevoir produces a reflective sphere around itself that the summoner can use to protect itself from projectile attacks. It is the most powerful Reflector, turning projectiles against the opponents and doubling their force. It can even OHKO if the projectile is strong enough. 282 Reflect
Metagross Pokémon SSBU.png Metagross Metagross causes the terrain beneath its feet to quake, trapping and damaging opponents in the process. It is the successor to Venusaur If midair players are meteor smashed or all hitboxes land, they could be OHKOed. 376 Earthquake
Latias & Latios Pokémon SSBU.png Latias & Latios One of the two Eon Pokémon is summoned and flies off-screen. It will them shoot across the stage in tandem with the Eon Pokémon that was not summoned. All hits chaining can lead to an OHKO but it is very difficult to connect them all. Interestingly, Latios and Latias have a high frequency of being spawned despite being considered Legendary Pokémon in their own franchise. They are the successors to Unown. 380 & 381 Steel Wing
Kyogre Pokémon SSBU.png Kyogre Kyogre homes-in on an opponent and releases a consistent stream of water that pushes them off the screen. It usually causes an OHKO. 382 Hydro Pump
Deoxys Pokémon SSBU.png Deoxys Deoxys appears in its Attack form. It silently ascends to the top of the stage, where it will proceed to unleash a vertical beam of energy with very high OHKO power (both the initial blast and the multi-hitting beam). Simply touching Deoxys can deal OHKO knockback. 386 Hyper Beam
Abomasnow Pokémon SSBU.png Abomasnow Abomasnow creates powerful gusts of snow around its body. Those within its range are trapped. Abomasnow will launch trapped opponents with Ice Punch. 460 Blizzard, Ice Punch
Palkia Pokémon SSBU.png Palkia Palkia will use its signature move to flip the perception of the stage, similar to Skull Kid. It previously appeared on the Spear Pillar stage. 484 Spacial Rend
Giratina Pokémon SSBU.png Giratina Giratina will unleash a powerful whirlwind that will push opponents off-screen. 487 Dragon Breath
Darkrai Pokémon SSBU.png Darkrai Darkrai causes nearby opponents to fall asleep. As they sleep, their damage percentage gradually increases as a result of Darkrai's Bad Dream ability. 491 Dark Void
Arceus Pokémon SSBU.png Arceus Arceus will launch mid-air opponents downward. If the stage is not below them, they will be meteor smashed in an OHKO. 493 Gravity
Victini Pokémon SSBU.png Victini Victini will boost the attack power of its summoner as well as granting super armor. 494 Victory Star
Snivy Pokémon SSBU.png Snivy Snivy releases a flurry of leaves in a horizontal trajectory. It is the successor to Chikorita. 495 Razor Leaf
Oshawott Pokémon SSBU.png Oshawott Oshawott slides across the stage in a jet of water. It will carry anyone caught in its stream off-screen, giving it the potential to OHKO opponents. It is the successor to Piplup. 501 Surf
Zoroark Pokémon SSBU.png Zoroark Zoroark will dash back and forth, wildly slashing its claws. If it hits someone, it will take them to the top of the stage and rapidly slash them, and after a while, meteor smash them back down and disappear. Similar to Greninja's Final Smash. 571 Fury Swipes
Kyurem Pokémon SSBU.png Kyurem Kyurem appears in its Neutral form. It will releases icy gusts from its sides that will freeze opponents within its range. 646 Icy Wind
Keldeo Pokémon SSBU.png Keldeo Keldeo appears in its Resolute Form. It leaps and performs a large slash with its horn. 647 Secret Sword
Meloetta Pokémon SSBU.png Meloetta Meloetta attacks with sound waves that bounce across the stage. 648 Echoed Voice
Genesect Pokémon SSBU.png Genesect Genesect fires a beam from the cannon on its back. The blast can break through walls. 649 Techno Blast
Chespin Pokémon SSBU.png Chespin Chespin releases a flurry of explosive seeds. 650 Seed Bomb
Fennekin Pokémon SSBU.png Fennekin Fennekin releases a small fireball that bursts into a large pillar of flames upon impact. Opponents will take repeated damage. 653 Incinerate
Fletchling Pokémon SSBU.png Fletchling Fletchling will hop across the stage, damaging opponents with its potent beak. 661 Peck
Spewpa Pokémon SSBU.png Spewpa When attacked, Spewpa releases a flurry of spores that will cause temporarily stun opponents. Even if the summoner is the only character in the range of Spewpa's spores, they will not be affected. 665 Stun Spore
Gogoat Pokémon SSBU.png Gogoat Gogoat charges across the stage, allowing the player who summoned it to ride it during its attack. 673 Take Down
Swirlix Pokémon SSBU.png Swirlix When an opponent is caught by Cotton Spore, they move slower than normal. 684 Cotton Spore
Inkay Pokémon SSBU.png Inkay Inkay attacks the ground, causing grounded opponents to trip. 686 Topsy-Turvy
Dedenne Pokémon SSBU.png Dedenne Dedenne radiates an x-shaped blast of discharged electricity. It slowly rotates counter-clockwise. 702 Discharge
Xerneas Pokémon SSBU.png Xerneas Xerneas uses its signature move to boost the stats of every player in the battle. However, it will give the biggest boost to its summoner. 716 Geomancy
Bewear Pokémon SSBU.png Bewear Bewear will move around the stage and let out a devastating uppercut to a nearby opponent. 760 indeterminate
Pyukumuku Pokémon SSBU.png Pyukumuku Pyukumuku will shoot out its hand as a counterattack, upon being attacked by the opponent. It can be thrown like a regular item by the character who summoned it, and it can even be bounced on to make it attack more frequently. 771 indeterminate
Togedemaru Pokémon SSBU.png Togdemaru Togedemaru will summon a thunderbolt to send out a large electric field, and then roll around to repeat the process. 777 indeterminate
Mimikyu Pokémon SSBU.png MimikyuSM Mimikyu will grab the opponent and drag them into its cloth, where it will damage the opponent. At the end of the attack, Mimikyu will instantly KO the opponent if they’re at or over 90% damage. 778 indeterminate
Tapu Koko Pokémon SSBU.png Tapu Koko Tapu Koko will let out a large net of electricity to deal multiple hits to opponents. It also releases multiple electrical beams while attacking. 785 indeterminate
Solgaleo Pokémon SSBU.png Solgaleo Solgaleo will teleport around the stage, while unleashing a powerful beam of flame. 791 Sunsteel Strike
Lunale Pokémon SSBU.png Lunala Lunala will teleport to the background of the stage upon being summoned. It will shoot out a large light beam that will drag towards the top of the screen. 792 Moongeist Beam
Marshadow Pokémon SSBU.png Marshadow Marshadow will stun the opponent from its shadow, and then appear next to them and throw a powerful punch. 802 indeterminate

Assist Trophies

Bold denotes new trophy

Image Name Description KO'ed? Series Debut
HammerBroSSBU.png Hammer Bro Throws hammers at opponents. Yes Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985)
ChainChompSSBU.png Chain Chomp Bounces around before targeting an opponent and attacking them by lunging and biting them. Head can also damage opponents while bouncing. Yes Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
ThwompSSBU.png Thwomp Hovers high up the stage, remaining still. If any opponent walks underneath it, it drops down to attack it, then moves back up. It won't attack again until it returns to its original position. No Mario Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
WaluigiSSBU.png Waluigi Repeatedly stomps players into the ground. This onslaught is followed by either a strong kick or a strike from his tennis racket. Yes Mario Mario Tennis (2000)
Flies & Hand SSBU.png Flies & Hand A hand holding a fly swatter moves around to swat the flies buzzing around the screen, damaging any enemy that gets in the way of its swatting. Yes Mario Mario Paint (1992)
KlapSSBU.png Klaptrap Lunges across the screen and latches onto foes before launching them. Yes Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country (1994)
GhirahimSSBU.png Ghirahim Fights with a sword and throwing knives. He will teleport back onstage if he goes over the edge. Yes The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)
MidnaSSBU.png Midna Grabs opponents and throws them, while dealing darkness damage. Yes The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006)
SkullKidSSBU.png Skull Kid Uses one of three disruptions: flipping the stage upside down, reversing all players' controls, or making all fighters invisible. No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
MoonSSBU.png Moon Crashes into the stage, dealing massive damage with a very large area of impact. No The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000)
MetroidSSBU.png Metroid Latches onto players and hits them repeatedly. Can be attacked and shaken off temporarily. Can only be KO'd if frozen. Yes Metroid Metroid (1986)
MotherBrainSSBU.png Mother Brain She uses her signature laser attack when summoned, and is guarded by Rinka enemies. Yes Metroid Metroid (1986)
KnuckleJoeSSBU.png Knuckle Joe Delivers a series of Vulcan Jabs to his opponents and finishes with either a Smash Punch or an uppercut attack named Rising Break. Yes Kirby Kirby Super Star (1996)
ChefSSBU.png Chef Kawasaki Captures players using his telescopic ladle and cooks them in a boiling pot, which produces food similar to Kirby's Final Smash in Brawl. If he fails to catch anyone in his ladle, he may throw plates or attempt to use his ladle again. Yes Kirby Kirby Super Star (1996)
NightmareSSBU.png Nightmare Obscures the stage and fighters in darkness. No Kirby Kirby's Adventure (1993)
AndrossSSBU.png Andross Spits out projectiles at players. No Star Fox Star Fox (1993)
KrystalSSBU.png Krystal Wanders around the stage and attacks opponents with her staff. Can deal freezing damage. Yes Star Fox Star Fox Adventures (2002)
JeffSSBU.png Jeff Shoots rockets from his Multi Bottle Rocket 5 at his opponents. No EarthBound EarthBound (1994)
StarmanEBSSBU.png Starman Teleports about the stage, shooting PK Beam out of its head at opponents. If defeated, the "SMAAASH!" effect from Earthbound is seen. Yes EarthBound Mother (1989)
SamuraiGorohSSBU.png Samurai Goroh Slashes his swords while chasing opponents. Yes F-Zero F-Zero (1990)
LynSSBU.png Lyn After a moment, appears next to an opponent and attacks with a single, strong sword swipe that has high launching power. Yes Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (2003)
TikiSSBU.png Tiki Transforms into a dragon, attacking with large flame breaths from the air. Yes Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (1990)
BlackKnightSSBU.png Black Knight Walks around the stage slowly, attacking any nearby opponents with his sword Alondite. Appears to be very resistant to attacks. Yes Fire Emblem Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (2005)
PhosphoraSSBU.png Phosphora Teleports around while shooting lightning bolts and various other electric attacks. Yes Kid Icarus Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
AshleySSBU.png Ashley Conjures a cloud which causes various adverse effects. No Wario WarioWare: Touched! (2004)
GreySSBU.png Gray Fox Runs around slashing opponents. Also reflects stray projectiles. Yes Metal Gear Metal Gear (1987)
ShadowTheHedgehogSSBU.png Shadow the Hedgehog Takes out a green Chaos Emerald and uses Chaos Control to slow down time. After a while, he freezes time entirely before leaving. No Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
KnucklesSSBU.png Knuckles Burrows underground before emerging with a rising uppercut. Can attack with a combination of punches, or strike using a homing attack similar to Sonic's. Yes Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994)
SnagretSSBU.png Burrowing Snagret Emerges from the ground and wildly pecks at opponents, then hides underground before reappearing at another location. Yes Pikmin Pikmin (2001)
KappnSSBU.png Kapp'n Drives a bus across the screen. Any fighter he contacts will be trapped, dragging them off-screen. No Animal Crossing Animal Forest (2001)
ZeroSSBU.png Zero Zero attacks by using his Z-Saber, and uses special techniques acquired from Mavericks and from his boss appearances. Yes Mega Man Mega Man X (1993)
WilyCapsuleSSBU.png Wily Capsule Piloting his Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7, Dr. Wily warps around the stage and fires fire, ice, and lightning projectiles at opponents. Unlike most Assist Trophies that can be defeated, he does not disappear immediately, instead falling to the ground and begging for forgiveness. Yes Mega Man Mega Man (1987)
GhostsSSBU.png Ghosts They make their way around the stage, moving as if in a maze while damaging and pushing opponents around. Yes Pac-Man Pac-Man (1980)
Riki Assist Trophy (SSBU).png Riki He uses several different arts from Xenoblade Chronicles, including Happy Happy, Bedtime, You Can Do It, Roly-Poly, Freezinate, and Yoink. No Xenoblade Chronicles Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)
GuileSSBU.png Guile Crouches in place, throwing Sonic Booms and blocking any physical attacks that hit him. Intercepts nearby enemies with his signature Flash Kick move. Yes Street Fighter Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991)
RodinSSBU.png Rodin Attacks with giant arms similar to Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves, as well with attacks resembling aerial Heel Slide and heel drop. Before disappearing, he spawns a random item and tosses it at the summoner. Yes Bayonetta Bayonetta (2009)
Squid Sisters Assist Trophy SSBU.png Squid Sisters They perform a concert and, as the camera zooms in on them, the blast lines are brought closer, so that whoever is left outside the camera will be KOed. No Splatoon Splatoon (2015)
AlucardSSBU.png Alucard Wields his blade, Crissaegrim. He can also transform into a bat and fly to another portion of the stage. Yes Castlevania Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (1989)
SpringManAssistTrophy.png Spring Man Jumps around and attacks with extended punches. He can also activate Rush, dealing rapid pummels before finishing with an uppercut. Yes ARMS ARMS (2017)
NintendogSSBU.png Nintendog A toy poodle blocks the screen. No Nintendogs Nintendogs (2005)
VinceAssistTrophy.png Vince Draws large drawings of various objects, one following each opponent in the foreground, hiding them and slowly damaging them. The damage will be tripled if an opponent attacks. No Art Academy Art Academy: First Semester (2009)
Bomberman SSBU.png Bomberman Drop bombs which create an cross shaped explosion similar to an X Bomb. It is possible for him to be affected by his own bombs. Yes Bomberman Bomberman (1985)
DrKawashimaSSBU.png Dr. Kawashima Flings numbers onto the stage that can be attacked to knock them around. When they add up to 10 or more, they cause an explosion, with a sum of exactly 10 causing an explosion like a Smart Bomb. No Brain Age Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (2005)
ColorTVGame15SSBU.png Color TV-Game 15 Two paddles on the sides of the stage bounce a ball back and forth, with the ball damaging players. Yes Color TV-Game Color TV-Game 15 (1977)
DevilSSBU.png Devil Points in various directions while moving the camera and stage boundaries. No Devil World Devil World (1984)
DillonSSBU.png Dillon Attacks opponents by rolling at them. After a couple times, he charges up a very powerful rolling attack that does large knockback. Yes Dillon's Rolling Western Dillon's Rolling Western (2012)
YuriKozukataSSBU.png Yuri Kozukata Yuri gets out her Camera Obscura, a specialized camera to take photographs of spirits, and uses it to take pictures of the battle. This will stun opponents and poison them, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. No Fatal Frame Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (2014)
IsaacSSBU.png Isaac Utilizes various abilities known as Psynergy. In addition to his original ability, Move, from Brawl, Isaac now can perform Pound as well as an original ability based off of Lift. Yes Golden Sun Golden Sun (2001)
SukaponSSBU.png Sukapon Moves around with his arms raised, launching heads at opponents (Tondeker), grabbing and tossing them (Sukapon Toss), or rolling forwards quickly to attack (Sukapon Roll). Yes Joy Mech Fight Joy Mech Fight (1993)
SablePrinceSSBU.png Sablé Prince Turns into either a frog or a snake. Can only be KO'd in his human form. Yes Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (1992)
RathalosSSBU.png Rathalos Rathalos unleashes several flame-based attacks, such as breathing fireballs and roaring to stun opponents. Yes Monster Hunter Monster Hunter (2004)
BunnySSBU.png Arcade Bunny Operates a giant claw machine in order to grab opponents. No Nintendo Badge Arcade Nintendo Badge Arcade (2014)
SheriffSSBU.png Sheriff Sheriff walks around in the air, shooting at opponents with his pistol. Yes Sheriff Sheriff (1979)
ShovelSSBU.png Shovel Knight Runs and jumps around, using his Shovel Drop to bounce off of obstacles. He also digs, which flings dirt at fighters, buries them, and can occasionally produce items. Yes Shovel Knight Shovel Knight (2014)
DrWrightSSBU.png Dr. Wright Summons buildings from within the ground. Anyone other than the summoner who touches these buildings will receive damage. Yes SimCity SimCity (1991)
StarfySSBU.png Starfy Wanders around and spin attacks opponents. Yes Starfy Densetsu no Starfy (2002)
NikkiSSBU.png Nikki Doodles various obstacles on the stage. No Swapnote Swapnote (2011)
TakamaruSSBU.png Takamaru Throws his pinwheel knife rooks at opponents and slashes them several times with his katana. Yes The Mysterious Murasame Castle The Mysterious Murasame Castle (1986)
AkiraSSBU.png Akira Runs around and attacks with various martial arts moves. Yes Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter (1993)

New Features

Gameplay changes

  • The rules and stage are now selected first before the characters. This is to prevent unfair stage advantages.
  • Stage hazards can be toggled off.
  • Custom Moves are now limited to Mii Fighters only. Any previous Smash Bros. amiibo with custom moves will now revert to the normal moves in Ultimate. Due to the absence of custom-move fighters, Equipment has been removed too.
  • Sudden Death now has a new mechanic. In addition to raining Bob-ombs, all characters are teleported to their starting positions with their damage set to 300%, then the camera slowly zooms into the center while the blast zones gradually decrease until a very small portion of the stage remains. During this process, cosmetic flames cover the edges of the screen and the crowd in the background goes wild. In addition, Super Sudden Death has been separated from Special Smash.
  • Stamina Mode is now a separate game mode and can be used for Adventure Mode, Online Mode, etc. It also has an option to have stocks.
  • Grabs can now clash with each other if they connect on the same frame.
  • Damage percentages can now contain decimal numbers (in tenths) (35.7%, 102.3%, etc.).
  • Fully charged Smash Attacks can be held down for a couple of seconds before they are released.
  • During timed matches, the fighter in the lead will sometimes flash brightly.
  • Most Assist Trophies can now be attacked and KO'd, earning the player points in timed battles. The player who summoned it can also KO them once they've taken enough damage.
  • More than one Assist Trophy can be on the screen and can attack each other if they are summoned by two different players/teams.
  • Dark Pit and Lucina, who were previously considered clone characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, are now considered Echo Fighters. In addition, Chrom, Daisy, Dark Samus, Richter, and Ken appear as Echo Fighters of Roy, Peach, Samus, Simon, and Ryu respectively.
  • A small map is shown on the screen when a character is knocked out of the field of view. The map's size can be made big or small or not appear at all.
  • There is a damage increase in 1-on-1 matches as opposed to matches with more players to ensure faster matches.
  • Smash Balls will sometimes roll on the ground instead of floating in the air.
  • Mobility during air dodge has improved, functioning similarly to Super Smash Bros. Melee, being able to be used only once before landing but doesn't make the user helpless permanently. In addition, excessive dodging will increase dodge lag the more it is done (similar to Stale-Move Negation).
  • A specific command input for short hop attacks has been added, making it easier to perform attacks during short hops.
  • Perfect Shields happen when the player releases the shield at the same time an attack connects to the character's hitbox. This technique now comes with an increased risk.
  • Final Smashes are "straight to the punch" i.e. each Final Smash is quick. Transformation Final Smashes have been removed and replaced with different types of Final Smashes.
  • Dramatic slow-motion effects occur when strong attacks connect with other fighters during 1-on-1 fights, such as Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch or Little Mac's KO Uppercut. This applies to some stage hazards as well, such as the Klaptraps in Jungle Japes. There are a few instances where the slow-motion and zoom effect can occur in matches with 3 or more players, such as Hero's Whack and Thwack spells.
  • The hit that would potentially take out the last player's last stock also has a dramatic slow-motion zoom in effect, which is more intense and has a red effect instead of blue.
  • The animation for Star KOs is different than previous games and Screen KOs are much shorter than they were in the previous game. This is to prevent slower KOs from giving a doomed player extra time that could give them an advantage, especially if at the end of a Time game or if the other player is about to get KO'd as well.
  • A traditional fighting game meter gaining-based mechanic known as the Final Smash Meter has been added. This allows the obtaining of Final Smashes to be more fair.
  • Wily Castle now includes all stage hazards from both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros.
  • While Classic Mode will feature the usual 6-7 fights before a showdown with a final boss, each character has their own “route” meaning that each character will face a different set of opponents that all fit under one theme. For example, Jigglypuff’s route is called “All Original, All 64”, and involves characters from the original Smash Bros.[2]
  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand will only be the final bosses for certain fighters in Classic Mode. Some fighters will have other final bosses such as Galleom and Giga Bowser.
  • Some bosses can get "knocked out", similarly to fighters getting stunned.
  • Collectible trophies (and to a lesser extent equipment) have been replaced with "spirits", which can be applied to fighters to make them stronger or give passive abilities.

Character-specific changes

  • Pokémon Trainer can now change between Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard freely during battle. Stamina has been removed entirely, allowing players to not be forced to be dependent on other Pokémon. Type effectiveness has also been removed, meaning the Pokémon no longer take less or extra damage from element based attacks.
  • Pokémon Change is faster, can be used mid-air, and can be used to dodge attacks.
  • Marth's, Roy's, and Lucina's Dancing Blade attack is now faster.
  • Sonic's, Pac-Man's, and Pikachu's Final Smashes are now faster and can no longer be manually controlled.
  • Fox, Falco, and Wolf no longer use Landmaster as their Final Smash. Instead, they call upon the Star Fox team (the Star Wolf team in Wolf's case) to unleash a barrage of Arwing (or Wolfen) lasers.
  • Wolf's moves have received a major overhaul.
  • In 1-on-1 fights, Ryu will always face the opposing fighter, unless he's running or in mid-air. This allows him to input commands more effectively.
  • Robin's spell and sword now have a usage meter that appears near his/her character icon. If the meter is depleted, he/she cannot use those moves again until they recharge. In the sword's case, it loses a great deal of power but is still usable.
  • Cloud's Limit Charge now shows the amount of charge above his character icon. His limit will now completely deplete after 15 seconds if Cloud doesn't use it in the specified time.
  • Any item that Villager Pockets now appears next to their character icon.
  • Charging moves, such as Samus' Charge Shot can now be charged in midair. Canceling it in midair can leave the user vulnerable.
  • Giga Bowser is no longer a controllable transformation. Instead, Giga Bowser will appear in the background of the stage and attack using his fist, which causes instant KOs or major damage if the victims have low damage.
  • Shulk's Monado Arts can now be easily selected by holding down the B button (special attack) and selecting which art to use with the control stick.
  • Ganondorf's Smash Attacks now use his sword. His Final Smash was also changed, in which he now transforms into Ganon, the Demon King instead of Beast Ganon.
  • Pit's new Final Smash, The Lightning Chariot, has replaced Three Sacred Treasures.
  • Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash has changed to her firing a powerful beam in her power suit on her gunship from the background.
  • Wario's Final Smash, Wario-Man, has been overhauled. He no longer uses regular attacks, but instead unleashes a flurry of comical punches, finishing with a Wario Waft.
  • Donkey Kong no longer uses his drums as a Final Smash, but instead uses rapid-fire punches, ending with a strong uppercut.
  • Little Mac's Final Smash still transforms him into Giga Mac, but he now unleashes a devastating combination of punches ending with an uppercut, simmilarly to Donkey Kong.
  • Mii Fighters now have fixed proportions, meaning the Mii's size and height no longer affect their speed, weight, or hitboxes.
  • Palutena's side special has been changed to Explosive Flame. Her down special is now both a counter and a reflector.
  • Mr. Game & Watch's Final Smash no longer causes damage on contact; instead, his tentacles will pick up fighters and carry them off the stage. The grabbed fighters can mash out of the tentacles.
  • Oil Panic can now reflect non-energy based projectiles.
  • Lucario's Final Smash has been reverted to Aura Storm, but still transforms into Mega Lucario and keeps the "Max Aura!" voice clip.
  • Yoshi's Final Smash has been changed completely: anyone who is hit by his Final Smash will be launched to an area where a stampede of Yoshis charge and run over the opponents, which is a reference to the Super Smash Bros. Melee intro.
  • Diddy Kong's Final Smash now has him flying with his rocket barrels at high speed, hitting any opponent in his way and crashing into the player that was hit most at the end.
  • Dr. Mario's down air attack is now a meteor smash and has a new animation. His back throw and side special also have new animations.
  • Kirby can inhale projectiles for healing a bit of damage. Moreover, he can also spit the projectile or item as a star to cause a bit of damage to an opponent.
    • King Dedede can also inhale projectiles for healing a bit of damage but he will spit the projectile or item out as it is.

Aesthetic changes

  • The game now has more dynamic shadows. Platforms and uneven stage structures will have shadows too. The same also applies to all items, assist trophies and Pokémon.
  • All characters, items, and stages have a subdued color scheme, making the game look less saturated than Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • All attack effects are cel-shaded to make the game look more cartoonish.
  • All explosions now look more cartoonish than realistic.
  • All knockback effects are now present as smoke trails.
  • A lot of stages have been retextured. While the stages from Super Smash Bros. keep their classic models, the graphics have been updated.
  • When a fighter uses their Final Smash, a closeup of their artwork briefly appears.
  • Some characters have more expressive facial animations, more so than any other installment.
  • Mario's hat can turn into Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey in his up special. He also appears in his new side taunt.
  • Marth and Roy are now fully voiced in English.
  • Ike’s voice tone will be different depending on which costumes he is in between both of his younger Path of Radiance and older Radiant Dawn incarnations. He also has a new voice actor.
  • A female Pokémon Trainer has been added.
  • Mr. Game & Watch's move-set closely resembles his original appearances from the Game and Watch series.
  • Fox, Falco and Wolf's designs are based on Star Fox Zero.
  • Kirby has a new appearance during his Stone, which resembles the Sheikah treasure chests from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Shulk's Final Smash now includes Fiora.
  • Ganondorf's design is based on his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Mii Fighters now have 12 voice options to choose from, with the pitch being able to be set to low, normal, or high.
  • When damaged, Olimar's helmet cracks, but repairs itself shortly afterward.
  • Ness' Final Smash now calls upon the help of Paula and Poo.
    • Likewise, Lucas' Final Smash now calls upon the help of Kumatora and Boney.
  • Wii Fit Trainer's face has received a cosmetic update.
  • Mega Man's Final Smash now includes Proto Man and Bass.
  • R.O.B. has a new gauge on his chassis which shows how much fuel he has left for his hover ability.
  • Link's design is based on his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Zelda's design is based on her appearance in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This is due to Zelda being more interested in research than fighting in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Sheik's design is based on the Sheikah armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • A timer bar will appear while aiming Dragoon to show its time limit.


  • The game was first revealed on March 8, 2018, at the end of a Nintendo Direct with no word from Masahiro Sakurai or anybody else linked to the Super Smash Bros. series.[3]
  • The teaser trailer released during the Nintendo Direct introduced the Inklings and showed Mario and Link's renders in the shadowy flares, along with a group of several other unidentified characters.
  • On March 8, 2018, Masahiro Sakurai tweeted that he was working on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate silently every day and that more info would be released soon.[5]
  • On June 12, 2018, during E3 2018, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that included more information on the game.[6]
    • In addition, a Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament for this game was held on the same day, following the Splatoon 2 World Championship finals.[7]
  • On August 8, 2018, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that included more information on the game.
  • On September 13, 2018, at the end of a Nintendo Direct, a new character was revealed.[8]
  • On November 1, 2018, Nintendo held the last Nintendo Direct related to the game before its release. It was hosted by Masahiro Sakurai and included more information on the game as well as the final fighter reveals.[9]
  • Towards the end of November 2018, copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were sold early from a Mexican retailer. People that bought the game began uploading content including music and cutscenes to YouTube. This caused Nintendo to take action by claiming copyrights on all related properties and some YouTubers had their videos taken down and their accounts terminated.[10]
  • On December 7, 2018, the game was released and the second DLC character was revealed.
  • On January 29, 2019, the first DLC character was released.
  • On April 17, 2019, in a new update, the second DLC character was released.
  • On June 11, 2019, during E3 2019, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that included the reveals of the third and fourth DLC characters.[11]
  • On July 30, 2019, in a new update, the third DLC character was released.
  • On September 4, 2019, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that included the reveal of the fifth DLC character.[12] That same day, the fourth DLC character was released.
  • On November 6, 2019, in a new update, the fifth DLC character was released.
  • On January 16, 2020, the sixth DLC character was revealed.
  • On January 28, 2020, in a new update, the sixth DLC character was released.
  • On June 22, 2020, the seventh DLC character was revealed.
  • On June 29, 2020, in a new update, the seventh DLC character was released.
  • On October 1, 2020, the eighth DLC character was revealed.
  • On October 13, 2020, in a new update, the eighth DLC character was released.
  • On December 10, 2020, during The Game Awards 2020, the ninth DLC character was revealed.
  • On December 22, 2020, in a new update, the ninth DLC character was released.
  • On February 17, 2021, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that included the reveal of the tenth DLC character.[13]
  • On March 4, 2021, in a new update, the tenth DLC character was released.
  • On June 15, 2021, during E3 2021, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that included the reveal of the eleventh DLC character.[14]
  • On June 29, 2021, in a new update, the eleventh DLC character was released.
  • On October 5, 2021, the twelfth and final DLC character was revealed.[15]
  • On October 18, 2021, in a new update, the twelfth and final DLC character was released.




  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the second game in the Super Smash Bros. series to not receive any character cuts from a previous installment, with Super Smash Bros. Melee being the first.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the third game in the Super Smash Bros. series to have an Adventure Mode, with Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl being the first two respectively.
    • However, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the first Super Smash Bros. game with an Adventure Mode to have voice-overs for characters in both English and Japanese.
  • This is the first Super Smash Bros. game to not feature the involvement of Satoru Iwata, as he passed away in July 2015.
  • Characters previously referred to as clones by fans have received the official title of "Echo Fighters". Dark Pit, Lucina, Daisy, Richter, Chrom, Dark Samus, and Ken are regarded as such.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the largest roster of any game in the Super Smash Bros. series with a total of 89 playable characters.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the largest selection of music of any game in the Super Smash Bros. series with over 900 tracks which is more than 28 hours worth of music.
  • As Super Smash Bros. Ultimate focused more on bringing back all of the fighters from the previous Smash Bros. games, this game did not bring back all of the stages from the previous Smash Bros. games.
    • Even so, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the largest selection of stages of any game in the series with 113 stages.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 59 assist trophies which outnumber the number of Pokémon.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the first game in the Super Smash Bros. series where all of the newcomers are unlockable.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the first game in the Super Smash Bros. series where every non-DLC stage is available from the start.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has broken many records:
    • On November 23, 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate became the top pre-selling title on the Nintendo Switch as well as the top pre-selling game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise.[16]
    • Over its three-day launch period in Japan, it became the best selling release in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time[17], and the first non-Pokémon Nintendo title to ever surpass 1 million units sold at launch.[18]
    • Over its three-day launch period in Europe, it became the fastest-selling game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise and the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time.[19]
    • On December 18, 2018, it became the fastest-selling Nintendo home console game of all time in Europe.[20]
      • On that same day, it became the fastest-selling game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise and for the Nintendo Switch in America.[21]
    • It became the best performing game in its first month on the market than any other platform-exclusive in video game history in America.[22]
    • After 5 weeks, it became the best selling game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Japan.[23]
    • In less than 2 months, it became Nintendo's fastest-selling game of all time in America.[24]
  • Decidueye was almost chosen for the new Pokémon spot on the roster before being replaced by Incineroar.[25]


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