Sun Salutation (太陽礼拝 Sun Worship?) is Wii Fit Trainer's Neutral Special Move. As the Wii Fit trainer stretches, a ball of light forms in front of her, which can be fired, causing damage. If the move is charged fully and then fired, Wii Fit Trainer will recover some health.

While charging Sun Salutation, Wii Fit Trainer can save it for later use, similar to Donkey Kong's Giant Punch. While saving Sun Salutation, Wii Fit Trainer has a sparkly glow.

Sun Salutation can be augmented by Deep Breathing, making it the only Special Attack that is affected by another, besides Cloud's Limit Charge, which also augments other special attacks.

Her Sun Salutation is a versatile projectile that deals lots of damage to an opponent hit by it. The projectile moves relatively fast and heals Wii Fit Trainer if fully charged up when fired. The projectile should be fully charged up every time before she fires it, as the projectile can break shields in two shots when fully charged and is an excellent kill move as well, killing at around 110%. Wii Fit Trainer can increase the damage and kill power of the move by using Deep Breathing before firing it and can also jump off stage and charge it a bit before recovering so that Wii Fit Trainer can get a moment to charge it up without the opponent interrupting her; just remember to begin charging when above the edge or Wii Fit Trainer will fall too far down to be able to recover. The move can also be fired for the sole purpose of healing Wii Fit Trainer without even trying to hit an opponent; though using it as an attack is more practical, the 2% that it heals could be just enough to save Wii Fit Trainer from being launched by an enemy kill move.

Wii Fit Trainer's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Sun Salutation
Side Special Header
Up Special Super Hoop
Down Special Deep Breathing
Final Smash Wii Fit

Custom Variations

Sun Salutation can be customized into Enriched Sun Salutation and Sweeping Sun Salutation

Enriched Sun Salutation

Enriched Sun Salutation (濃縮太陽礼拝) fires a more powerful light orb, but has no recovery effect.

Sweeping Sun Salutation

Sweeping Sun Salutation (押し出し太陽礼拝) is slower but continuously damages and pushes the opponent.

Wii Fit Trainer's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Enriched Sun Salutation Sweeping Sun Salutation
Side Special Huge Header Weighted Header
Up Special Jumbo Hoop Hoop Hurricane
Down Special Volatile Breathing Steady Breathing


Sun salutation is a series of asanas in yoga.


  • Sun Salutation is the only attack that utilizes the unique Solar Effect.
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