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*[[Petey Piranha]]
*[[Petey Piranha]]
*[[Rayquaza]] (though whether it is part of the Subspace Army is debatable)
*[[Ridley]]/[[Meta Ridley]] (Meta Ridley does not really count, as he chased the [[Falcon Flyer]] out of revenge, not on orders)
*[[Ridley]]/[[Meta Ridley]] (Meta Ridley does not really count, as he chased the [[Falcon Flyer]] out of revenge, not on orders)

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The Subspace Army is an evil force which is the main antagonist of the Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Headed by the Ancient Minister and under the guidance of Tabuu, its aim is to expand Subspace using Subspace Bombs and to pull areas of this world into it. Most of the enemies the player faces in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary are members of the Subspace Army.


  • Tabuu is the true leader of the Subspace Army. He uses Master Hand (bound by Chains of Light) as a puppet to give orders. Only the Ancient Minister knows about Tabuu.
  • Second-in-command is Ganondorf. He has the technology to override the R.O.B.s' programming and dominance over a majority of the forces. He was not loyal to the Master Hand and wanted to usurp his rule over the world.
  • Bowser is the third-in-command, and only takes orders from Ganondorf and Master Hand himself. Bowser likes catching smashers, as well as using his own loyal Koopa Troopas to take on large assignments, such as assaulting King Dedede's castle. He was the only smasher to be truely loyal to Master Hand and was saddened to see him defeated.
  • Wario is a relatively low-ranking member, and does not seem to control anyone. He only does what he does (which is capturing various Smashers) because he feels like it. He did not care about the orders he received from Ganondorf or Master Hand. He may have also been only a bounty hunter, with no real allegiance to Master Hand.
  • Another prominent figure is Porky Minch, who leads a small band of Primids and other creatures. However, Porky tends not to worry about his followers. This is shown when Porky destroys most of his force in a vain attempt to crush Lucas.
  • Prior to the opening, King Dedede attacked the Halberd at the same time Tabuu's forces did, preventing Meta Knight from defending the ship. While there is no evidence he worked for the Subspace Army at any time, it's possible he was tricked by them into attacking the Halberd.


The Subspace Army consists of a number of enemies, the Primids chief among them. These enemies are created from Shadow Bugs which are dropped from the Halberd. The Subspace Army also commands the floating Isle of Ancients and the Subspace Gunship.

The army's weapons, equipment, and troops are almost all stolen or copied. Mr. Game & Watch was used to create Shadow Bugs, which were then used to create a massive army as well as trophyized Smashers. Samus's Power Suit was apparently stolen, and Pikachu was used as a power supply.

Major members





The following were deployed in areas where they could do maximum damage, and were used in cases where Primids would not be enough.



A single Primid.

Primids are the Subspace Army's standard troops. Their modest strength is made up for by large numbers. Specialization is also present, as there are:

R.O.B. Squad

Multiple types of R.O.B. defend the Isle of the Ancients:

Koopa Troop

Bowser commands his own army, composed of:

Other Forces

Other enemies found throughout the game include:


The Subspace Army isn't above laying traps in addition to sending troops at their foes:

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