This article describes Subspace generally. For the actual stages, see Subspace (Part I) and Subspace (Part II).

After a Subspace Bomb detonates, Subspace replaces the Midair Stadium.

Subspace is a realm central to the plot line of the Subspace Emissary. The realm's general appearance is a mottled, purple-and-black sky with very little ground (which is also mostly purple). Lightning laces the sky.

Subspace is enforced on the World of Trophies by Tabuu. Over the course of the Subspace Emissary, Subspace Bombs are used to remove portions of the world, drag them into Subspace, and leave a patch of Subspace behind. While inactive trophies, plant life or people far away (Although not enough to not enter in the subspace in the detonation) survive the subspacial explosion, it is likely fatal to any intelligent being near enough to the bomb, based on how nearby R.O.B.s are torn apart, or the form Galleom tried to kill Lucas and Pokémon Trainer: making a Subspace bomb in his head explode. However, it's also possible that if a Fighter is near a subspace bomb when it explodes, it will be turned into Trophy, but Subspace soldiers like Primids, Koopas or R.O.B. Squad members, which die instead of turning into a Trophy. Once the initial Subspace Bomb detonation is complete, Subspace can be entered by simply walking in these "subspacial bubbles".

Once a piece of the world has been shunted into Subspace, it floats around as a "colony". The colonies are then shut off from the rest of the world, Subspace and otherwise, unless a connection is made between the colony and either Subspace or another colony. Tabuu uses the many pieces of the world he collected to create The Great Maze.

This Subspace is different from the Subspace of Super Mario Bros. 2. However, it is (visually) very similar to The Void of Super Paper Mario.

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