Being stunned is a special condition that leaves a character immobile for a short period of time. The most common way a character can become stunned is by shattering their Shield. When a character is stunned, they will be dazed for a few seconds and won't be able to move or attack. The only way for a character to snap out of this condition is through an attack of another character (unless the attack does not cause flinching) or waiting out the condition. A character can shorten the amount of time that they are stunned by button mashing.

Causes of Stunning

  • Shield shattering - When the character's Shield shatters from overuse of it, the character will be stunned for a short period of time.
  • Reflector shattering - Reflectors slightly increase the power of what they reflect. If the same thing is reflected multiple times, the Reflector can be overloaded and shatter like a shield.
  • Disable - Mewtwo's Disable causes stunning if eye contact is made with it.
  • Deku Nut - A new item introduced in Brawl, when the Deku Nut is broken, all the characters in the blast radius will be stunned. The Deku Nut will break on its own when not used for a period of time.
  • Weavile's False Swipe - Weavile will slash across the stage using its False Swipe move. Any character that makes contact with Weavile's False Swipe will be stunned momentarily.
  • Wario Waft - When Wario-Man does his weakest Waft, it briefly stuns opponents.
  • Negative Zone - Among other things, exposure to Luigi's Negative Zone can stun opponents.
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