Straight Lunge (気合いストレート, Vigorous Straight) is Little Mac's Neutral Special Move. Little Mac charges up a punch, and upon releasing it lunges forward, punching his opponent at high velocity, and temporarily giving Little Mac Super Armor.


Little Mac can charge Straight Lunge for a time, and the longer it is charged the farther he will go. Unless his power bar is full, he will give his opponent a normal punch at high velocity. The further the normal punch is charged however, will cause a very high ending lag, which can make him vulnerable to attacks.

Mac's neutral special has Super Armor frames while charging it and while launching the attack. If an opponent is going for a grab, launch the attack immediately or cancel the charge with a shield and evade the grab. Don't fully charge the move either; if an opponent is able to predict when the attack will be launched (at full charge) they can easily dodge, run up behind Mac, and punish, which is easy to do because the move can leave him wide open if he misses.

How powerful the move is determined by a power bar on his info tile. As Little Mac deals and receives damage, the bar will be filled faster. In most cases, the bar will fill up faster when Little Mac takes damage. When the power bar is completely full, it will be replaced with a "KO". When this appears, Straight Lunge is at its most powerful and becomes KO Uppercut, and is almost a guaranteed OHKO above 30%. It has a massive sweetspot at the peak of the punch, which, if comboed with his down tilt can cause a quick KO in light to medium characters.

If Little Mac hits someone with a KO Uppercut, the screen will zoom in on it and it will be played in slow-motion to signify how powerful it is. However, if the power bar is full but Little Mac does not use it before being hit by an attack with high enough knockback, or is hit as he does the uppercut, but before it zooms in on the victim(s), it will be lost. If KO Uppercut is used in the air, it loses its ability to attack through shields and counters.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, using the KO Uppercut will make Little Mac jump as if he were using the Star Punch from Punch Out!!.

Little Mac's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Straight Lunge
Side Special Jolt Haymaker
Up Special Rising Uppercut
Down Special Slip Counter
Final Smash Giga Mac Giga Mac Rush

Custom Variations

The move can be customized to Flaming Straight Lunge or Stunning Straight Lunge.

Flaming Straight Lunge

Flaming Straight Lunge envelops the opponent in flames while lunging forward, it charges quickly but is relatively weak.


  • Faster charge.
  • Hits Multiple times.
  • Faster charge makes it easier to recover with.
  • Super Armor while charging.


  • Travels much less distance; Less range.
  • Weaker.
  • Less Armor from fast charge.
  • High endlag.

Stunning Straight Lunge

A fully-charged Stunning Straight Lunge punch will stun opponents and travel great distance, but Mac will flinch if he's hit while attacking.


  • Paralyzes Enemies when fully charged.
  • Charges slightly faster than default.
  • Travels more distance, Especially when at full charge.
  • More useful for recoveries


  • Can be harder to utilize.
  • No Super Armor when charging.

Little Mac's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Flaming Straight Lunge Stunning Straight Lunge
Side Special Grounding Blow Guard Breaker
Up Special Tornado Uppercut Rising Smash
Down Special Compact Counter Dash Counter