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Steve is a playable character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is the second fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and the eighth downloadable character overall, representing Xbox Game Studios and Mojang Studios' Minecraft. Much like Hero, three other characters (Alex, a Zombie, and an Enderman) are available as Palette Swaps.

They were released on October 13th, 2020 and are classified as Fighter #77.



  • Steve has a Material Gauge that organizes the number of materials they have gathered by ratio. Each element has a set amount that can be gathered with less valuable resources having a much larger amount, such as Iron's max limit being eight ingots. Crafting will require a certain number of ingots as all tools and weapons will automatically be crafted or upgraded. Certain normal attacks can also use up materials as well, such as the Anvil for their Down Aerial.
    • Steve will always start each match with an equal amount of Dirt and Wood, a small amount of Stone, and two Iron ingots.
    • If Diamond and Gold are mined, they will show up outside of the gauge. They will flash if they are ready for crafting. Red Stone can also be mined, but it will not show up on the UI at all.
    • If Steve mines more materials than he can carry, they will automatically be discarded.
    • Steve can keep the materials they have mined after losing a Stock. However, his tool will revert back to Wood
  • The materials Steve can mine will be dependent on the stage (i.e. on Kongo Jungle, you can only mine for Wood). This means that on stages where Steve can only mine for one element (outside of Iron, Redstone, Gold, and Diamond), all other elements in the gauge will be gone forever if used up quickly. This rule does not apply for Omega and Battlefield forms, as all elements can be mined for at a pre-determined rate.
  • At the start of every match, a Crafting Table will spawn alongside Steve. It can be destroyed by anyone but will respawn after a short amount of time. However, if both the Shield and Special Attack buttons are pressed together, the Crafting Table will automatically spawn to Steve's location.
  • All of Steve's weapons (Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, and Shovel) have limited durability which depends on what material it has been crafted with, with Wood being the weakest and Diamond being the most durable.
    • The element can also determine the speed and attack power of the weapon. For example, an Iron Sword has a slower swing but has more power, while a Gold Sword is more fragile and weaker but with a much faster swing.
    • If the weapon breaks, Steve can continue fighting and mining barehanded, but their punches are extremely weak and have much lower range as well as make mining slower.
    • The following is the damage percentage each weapon deals:
      • No weapon: 0.8x damage
      • Wood / Gold: 1.0x damage
      • Stone: 1.1x damage
      • Iron: 1.2x damage
      • Diamond: 1.35x damage
  • Steve has a very low first jump (nearly identical to the jump height in Minecraft), so much so that he requires two jumps just to reach the lower platforms in Battlefield. This jump height was designed just to fit a block beneath him.
  • Steve can crawl, which resembles the original game's sneaking mechanic.


  • Jab: Rapid swings of the Sword. Steve will continuously swing if the attack button is held.
  • Grab: Uses a Fishing Rod. Anyone caught will be trapped in a fenced enclosure.
    • Pummel: Repeatedly punches the opponent.
  • Dash Attack: A wide overhead swipe with the Pickaxe.
  • Edge Attack and Floor Attack: A low sweep with their Sword.
  • Tilts:
    • Up Tilt: Quick swings of the Axe. Steve will continuously swing if the attack button is held.
    • Side Tilt: Rapid swings of the Sword. Steve will continuously swing if the attack button is held. He can keep on swinging even while moving and will juggle opponents. Acts like Mega Man's Side Tilt and can run an opponent to the ledge at low percents.
    • Down Tilt: Ignites a flame with Flint & Steel. The flame is affected by gravity much like Ness' PK Fire and can block projectiles.
  • Throws:
    • Up Throw: Opponent will be launched upward by a Piston.
    • Forward Throw: A sideways launch from a Piston.
    • Back Throw: The opponent is launched with the Fishing Rod.
    • Down Throw: Drops an Anvil that will launch the opponent upwards for a combo opportunity. The Anvil requires the use of one Iron ingot; if there is no Iron, Steve will simply push the opponent down, which is much weaker and doesn't go as far.
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral Aerial: Rapid swings of the Sword. Steve will continuously swing if the attack button is held.
    • Up Aerial: Quick swing of the Axe. Steve will continuously swing if the attack button is held.
    • Forward and Back Aerial: A quick swing of the Pickaxe. The Forward Aerial can Meteor Smash.
    • Down Aerial: A stall-then-fall with an Anvil. Pressing the jump button will allow Steve to jump out of the Anvil as it continues to fall. Will require the use of one Iron ingot; if there is no Iron available, the Anvil will not materialize. If the Anvil lands on the ground, it will stay for a few seconds much like Sonic's Spring and can be mined for some Iron.
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Up Smash: Places a Magma Block above them which can hit multiple times. Steve will immediately break the Block afterward with a Pickaxe (which can also cause damage). Does not require any materials or use any durability.
    • Side Smash: A powerful Sweep attack with the Sword.
    • Down Smash: Drops Lava from a Lava Bucket on either side of them.

Special Moves

Steve and Alex's Special Moves
Standard Special Mine / Craft / Create Block
Side Special Minecart
Up Special Elytra
Down Special TNT
Final Smash House of Boom

On-screen Appearance


Steve's Up and Down Taunts are based on common gestures players often make to each other in Minecraft servers as a form of communication outside of the text chat.

Victory Screens

  • A Creeper explodes as Steve drops from above.
  • Steve simply eats a steak.
  • Steve builds a house and steps out.


  • Steve's animations are nearly identical to how they are in the original Minecraft game, retaining its limited movement as opposed to recent spin-offs where their limbs can bend. This is most obvious with their unique tumbling animation, as it is simply their walking animation and will always be done upright. This unique animation is also used for their Star KO, swimming animation, and in cinematic Final Smashes such as The Mighty Jinjonator and Triple Wolf.
  • Steve's crumpling and drowning animations is them falling on their side, which is the death animation used by all characters in Minecraft.
  • Steve has some rather unique sound effects that can be performed in certain situations, all of which are directly imported from Minecraft:
    • If Steve lands on their feet after falling from a sufficient height, a cracking sound can be heard. This is the sound that plays after taking fall damage in Minecraft (though this is of course only used for aesthetic purposes in Ultimate).
    • Much like Snake, Steve will make his eating and burping noises when taking in Food.
    • Sound effects can be heard when Steve is climbing a ladder.
  • During the Perfect Shield animation, Steve will pull out a Wooden Shield in front of them.
  • Steve will place a bed to lay down on when put to sleep.
  • If the control stick is tilted up or down, their heads will follow suit much like in Minecraft when a player is looking around.
  • Steve and Alex can be seen blinking, something that was previously exclusive to the "Bedrock Edition" of Minecraft.

Classic Mode: Journey to the Far Lands

Steve's congratulatory picture.

All fighters in Steve's Classic Mode are references to various hostile Mobs in Minecraft. With the exception of the second and sixth rounds, all other rounds are Stamina battles. The song "Earth" will play during the end credits.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Zombie (x6) Minecraft World (Birch Forest) "Glide" Represents a horde of Zombies.
2 Wario (x4) Minecraft World (Plains) "The Arch-Illager" Steve is joined by Villager and a Giant R.O.B. as their CPU allies, representing a Minecraft Villager and Iron Golem, while Wario represents the Pillagers.
3 Link (x3) Minecraft World (Battlefield form) "Clockwork Crafter" Represents the Skeletons.
4 Tiny Pit (x3) and Robin Luigi's Mansion "Dragon Battle" Robin represents an Evoker, while the Pit team represents the Vexes. Luigi's Mansion is meant to resemble a Woodland Mansion.
5 Giant Kirby (x2) and Tiny King K. Rool (x2) Norfair "The Keeper of the Lake" The Kirby team represents the Ghasts, while the King K. Rool team represents the Piglins. Norfair is meant to resemble the Nether.
6 Giant Enderman (x4) Find Mii "Clockwork Crafter" The Endermen have been made larger as to match their original heights in Minecraft.
7 Bonus Stage
Final Giant Ridley and Enderman (x2) Final Destination "The Arch-Illager" Ridley represents the Ender Dragon, while Final Destination is meant to resemble The End.

Palette Swaps

Steve Palette (SSBU).png

Three of Steve's alternate costumes replace him with Alex, one replaces him with a Zombie, and one replaces him with an Enderman.

SSBU Steve Stock Icon (0 Default).png


The first default player skin, with the beard from the early "Classic" builds of Minecraft.
SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 1 Alex).png


The second default player skin from the 1.8 update in 2014 and onwards, with a slightly thinner build.
SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 2 Steve).png

Steve White

Tennis Steve and Tennis Alex taken from the Default Skin pack added in the first version of the Legacy Console Edition.
SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 3 Alex).png

Alex White

SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 4 Steve).png

Steve Black

Scottish Steve and Swedish Alex taken from the Default Skin pack added in the first version of the Legacy Console Edition.
SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 5 Alex).png

Alex Blue

SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 6 Zombie).png


Replaces Steve with a Zombie. This skin is also available on the Bedrock Edition's Marketplace under Skin Pack 1 - Classic.
SSBU Steve Stock Icon (Alt 7 Enderman).png


Replaces Alex with an Enderman. This skin is also available on the Bedrock Edition's Marketplace under Skin Pack 2 - Classic.




  • Steve's codename within the game's files is "pickel", a Japanese word that refers to ice axes. Though ice axes are not tools in Minecraft, the name could've been chosen for the "pick-" suffix as to reference Pickaxes as well as the nature of the tool itself.
  • In the reveal, Masahiro Sakurai states that he was initially skeptical of the idea of a Minecraft character being suitable for Ultimate when Nintendo proposed it to him, though he eventually decided to go through with it. Fans have since misinterpreted this as to mean he did not want to put any Minecraft content in the game or that Steve's inclusion was forced upon by Nintendo.
  • According to Sakurai, though Steve was easy to develop, the programming work that came with it was an immense challenge. This included having to rework the infrastructure of every stage as to accommodate for their mining and Block building abilities.
  • According to former Minecraft production director Daniel Kaplan, negotiations for Steve to be in Smash took at least five whole years.
  • Steve is the first playable character that originated from an indie game, as Minecraft back then was developed solely by Markus Persson and his company Mojang Studios, which was then fully independent prior to the company's acquisition by Microsoft.
  • Steve is the second fighter to come from a Western-developed series (as Mojang is based in Sweden) as well as be owned by one of Nintendo's rivals in the console and game-publishing markets, following fellow Microsoft characters Banjo & Kazooie.
  • Zombie and Enderman are collectively the second generic enemies to become fighters, following Piranha Plant. However, they are merely palette swaps while Piranha Plant is a full-fledged fighter.
  • Counting palette swaps, Alex is one of five female DLC fighters in Ultimate, the other four being Kazooie, Byleth, Min Min, and Pyra/Mythra.
    • Ultimate is also the first game to explicitly use female pronouns when referring to Alex, something that had only been implied before by Mojang in a video description.
  • In-game files reveal that the textures used for Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman are all directly ripped from Minecraft itself.
    • Though Steve's texture is directly imported, it notably keeps his beard intact. This differs from current iterations of of the game as Mojang have since removed the beard due to players commonly mistaking it for a smile. Though, one could argue that the Smash development team went with his "classic" design for its recognizability, as Mojang and Microsoft still use it for promotional material and merchandising.
  • Much like Byleth and Pyra/Mythra, both Steve and Alex are displayed on the official website as well as having their own splash arts in the reveal trailer (alongside Zombie and Enderman) due to having different names (which is region-specific in Byleth's case).
  • Enderman's limbs on its Smash model have been notably shortened to match the other three characters' heights and builds.
  • Steve is one of six characters whose fanfares are direct rips, the other five being Sonic, Bayonetta, Joker, Hero, and Sephiroth.
  • Steve is the only character in Ultimate to lack any idle animations.
  • Steve is the second DLC character to lack voice clips, following Piranha Plant.
  • Steve has the most Tips of any character in Ultimate, at 60.
  • As of v9.0.1, Steve's Steak-eating victory screen has been updated to have the Steak disappear after he is done eating. This was changed in response to how many players pointed out its suggestiveness at the end of the animation.
    • This is the second screen victory screen in Ultimate to be modified in an update following Chrom, as his was changed to use the fanfare his fellow Fire Emblem Awakening characters already had instead of the one used by Marth, Roy, and Ike.


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