The Start/Pause Button (just called the Start Button on the Nintendo 64 controller) refers to the small, gray button in the center of a GameCube controller, the small, red button in the center of a Nintendo 64 controller, the small, rectangular button next to the Home Button on the 3DS, or the small, circular button above the Select button on the New 3DS. It is used on both consoles to pause most games and select features in the menus. In Super Smash Bros. Melee's Trophy Gallery, the Start/Pause Button is also used to change the background. In addition, the Wii Remote or Classic Controller's + Button can alternatively be called Start.

Players may repeatedly press the Start/Pause or + button to distract the other players, or to disrupt their combo timing, though is considered very rude. In tournaments, pausing can result in the player losing a stock or having to forfeit the match or even the set.

In the Subspace Emissary, Player 2 can use this button to Space Jump instead of Pause.

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