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Standard Special (also commonly referred to as Neutral Special, Neutral B, or simply B) is a Special Move performed by pressing the special move button without holding a direction on the control stick. Many of these moves are projectiles, which can be used repeatedly to rack up damage indirectly and/or hinder the enemy's approach.

With the introduction of the Side Special Move in Melee, several character's Standard Special Moves were changed to Side Special Moves (Jigglypuff, Link, and Ness). In Brawl, Kirby and Link had their moves renamed.

Reverse Standard Special

Reverse Standard Special allows a character to use a standard special in the opposite direction that they're facing. This requires a different method than simply tapping backward and pressing (B), as this would activate the Side Special. Instead, tap the control stick in that direction and allow it to return to its neutral position before pressing (B).

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it can also be done by tapping the control stick in the opposite direction the characters are facing right after pressing (B). This can be done on the ground and in mid-air. This is pulled off in the same way as the Reverse Falcon/Warlock Punch. When performed in the air, some characters will get a bounce in the direction tapped in the control stick in. Because of this, characters with Neutral Specials that cancel their momentum will not get the bounce, but will turn around. Other characters will only get a small, almost unseeable bounce, in which the turn around-effect is also the only profit. This bounce is often called Wavebouncing. It is, however, performed in a different way than regular Wavebouncing, which requires use of the C-Stick for Specials.

List of Nuetral Specials

Character Nuetral Special Description Image
Banjo & Kazooie Breegull Blaster Kazooie spits eggs out of her mouth. If you press B again, Banjo holds Kazooie like a gun and shoots eggs while being able to move. Breegull Blaster.png
Bayonetta Bullet Climax Shoots opponents with a stream up bullets which angle upward. Hold the (B) button to charge it for additional power. Bullet Climax.png
Bowser Fire Breath Breathes a continuous stream of flames which gets smaller as time passes on. Fire Breath SSBWU.jpg
Bowser Jr. Clown Cannon Fires a cannonball from a cannon in the mouth of his Clown Car, and the cannon can be charged. If charged enough, the shot will give recoil and push the Clown Car back. Clown Cannon SSBWU.jpg
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch Unleashes a devastating fiery punch after a large delay which causes massive damage and knockback in a short range. Deals slightly more damage and knockback when reversed. Cannot be cancelled by hitting Captain Falcon in this state. CaptainFalconSSBWU3DS2.jpg
Charizard Flamethrower Breathes a continuous stream of flames which gets smaller and deals less damage as time passes on. Flamethrower SSBWU.jpg
Cloud Strife Blade Beam Swings his Buster Sword to launch a curved energy beam. Hits multiple times and does not crash with other Blade Beams in Limit Break status. This beam follows the slopes on the field if used on the ground. Fighting Dragons.png
Corrin Dragon Fang Shot Transforms his/her hand into a dragon's mouth and fires a paralyzing shot. The hand can also bite opponents. Dragon Fang Shot.png
Dark Pit Silver Bow Fires purple-hued arrows from his Silver Bow. Stronger than Palutena's Arrow, but slower and cannot be controlled as effectively. Aiming in a direction before the arrow is shot will change the direction it's shot it. Pitto1.jpg
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun Fires a peanut from his peanut popgun which goes farther if charged, but the gun will explode if charged too long, stunning Diddy, also dealing lots of damage to nearby fighters when this move backfires. Peanut Popgun SSBWU.jpg
Donkey Kong Giant Punch Charges up a punch which can be saved infinitely if fully charged, and will cause high damage and knockback if it connects. It can be used early if the Special button is pressed before charging finishes. Donkey Kong SBB4 (1).jpg
Dr. Mario Megavitamin Launches a Megavitamin forward. Bounces more and has a longer range than Mario's Fireball. Megavitamins SSBWU.jpg
Duck Hunt Trick Shot Kicks a can forward, which bounces and is repeatedly shot until it explodes. Trick Shot.jpg
Falco Blaster Fires using his blaster, which causes minor electric damage and flinching. Slower than Fox's blaster, but has the most range. FalcoSSB4-2.jpg
Fox Blaster Fires from his blaster, though this won't cause flinching. Has short range, but fires the fastest out of the three Blaster variations. Fox Blaster SSBWU.jpg
Ganondorf Warlock Punch Unleashes a slow dark punch which is difficult to use but can cause a one-hit KO. Stronger when reversed. This attack cannot be cancelled by hitting Ganondorf while the attack is winding up. Warlock Punch SSB4.jpg
Greninja Water Shuriken Charges up a shuriken made of water which will drag whoever it hits until it disappears. WaterShuriken2.gif
Ice Climbers Ice Shot Each Ice Climber throws a sheet of ice which slides along the stage and causes minor damage. Ice Shot.png
Ike Eruption Holds his sword up in a fiery blaze and charges it before stabbing it into the ground, dealing a powerful fiery blow. If charged too long it will hurt Ike but release an extremely powerful slash. Eruption SSBWU.jpg
Jigglypuff Rollout (SSBM, SSBB, 3DS/Wii U)
Pound (SSB.)
  • Rollout: Rolls in place and charges up before rolling forwards, which if charged long can be quite powerful. Can be charged infinitely and is stronger downhill. The opposite is also true.
  • Pound: Leaps forward a small distance and throws a punch.
King Dedede Inhale Inhales opponent and spits them back out dealing 10% damage. Cannot copy their abilities like Kirby. Can also be used as a more effective Kirbycide. Inhale Dedede SSB4.jpeg
Kirby Inhale Inhales opponents and either spits them back out dealing damage and sending them away horizontally as a star or spitting them out dealing more damage but sending less far. However, now Kirby will be able to use the inhaled opponent's Neutral Special Move, as well as wearing a "hat" based on the opponent's appearance. Kirby can also use this to cause a Sacrificial KO by dropping to the lower blast line with an opponent in his mouth. Kirby can discard his current ability by Taunting. Opponents can mash out of Kirby's mouth to escape unharmed. Kirby Inhale SSBWU.png
Link Hero's Bow (SSBM, SSBB, 3DS/WiiU)

Boomerang (SSB)

  • Hero's Bow: Shoots an arrow, which travels faster and has less bullet drop the longer it is charged.
  • Boomerang: Throws a boomerang which circles back to him.
Little Mac Straight Lunge Rushes forward and gives opponents a powerful punch. The longer it is charged the farther Little Mac will go. How powerful it is is dependent on a power bar, which fills up as Little Mac takes and deals damage. If it is all filled up, Straight Lunge can be a one-hit KO if the opponents has taken enough damage. After a fully charged lunge, Little Mac will be left unable to move with a burning wrist for a moment, making him vulnerable and making this move risky. Straight Lunge.jpg
Lucas PK Freeze Shoots an ice crystal out of his head which travels downwards and towards whatever direction Lucas is facing, though he can guide it horizontally slightly. It explodes after travelling a set distance or when the player stops holding the Special button. If it hits an opponent, they will become frozen. Lucas PK Freeze SSBWU.png
Lucario Aura Sphere Charges up a ball of Aura energy which gets more powerful the more damage Lucario has taken. Lucario SSB4 (2).jpg
Lucina Shield Breaker Charges her sword and thrusts it forward, which can break an opponent's shield if fully charged. Lucina ShieldBreaker.png
Luigi Fireball Shoots a green fireball that rolls around in the air, unaffected by gravity.

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Luigi's fireballs are the same as Mario's.

Luigi Fireball SSB4.jpg
Mario Fireball Shoots red fireballs from his hand which bounce a small distance, causing minor damage. Mario Fireball SSB4.jpg
Marth Shield Breaker Charges his sword and thrusts it forward, which can break an opponent's shield if fully charged. The tip of the blade is the most powerful. Marth Shield Breaker SSBWU.jpg
Mega Man Metal Blade Throws a Metal Blade in eight possible directions, and the Blade can later be picked up by anyone to throw if it hits terrain. Metal Blade.jpg
Meta Knight Mach Tornado Spins around in a tornado, damaging opponents and gaining horizontal and some vertical distance.

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, he will not gain height but will stay at the same height level.

Mach Tornado SSBWU.jpeg
Mewtwo Shadow Ball Charges up a ball of Shadow energy and fires it. Shadow Ball Launch.jpg
Mii Brawler Shot Put
Ultimate Uppercut
Exploding Side Kick
  • Shot Put: Throws a shot put ball a small distance, which causes a large amount of knockback.
  • Ultimate Uppercut: Charges a powerful uppercut which can be saved for later.
  • Exploding Side Kick: Does a powerful flaming kick, going forward a short distance. It is very similar to the Falcon Punch.

Shot Put.jpgUltimate Uppercut.jpgExploding Side Kick.jpg

Mii Swordfighter Gale Strike
Shuriken of Light
Blurring Blade
  • Gale Strike: Launches a mini-tornado forward which repeatedly hits opponents.
  • Shuriken of Light: Throws a golden shuriken that does more damage as it travels farther.
  • Blurring Blade: Rapidly attacks with their sword. Can be charged.

Gale-Strike.jpgShuriken-of-Light.pngBlurring Blade.jpg

Mii Gunner Charge Blast
Laser Blaze
Grenade Launch
  • Charge Blast: Charges a powerful ball of energy which can be stored for later.
  • Laser Blaze: Fires a fast energy beam which does not cause flinching.
  • Grenade Launch: Fires a grenade. The longer it is charged the farther it will go.

Gunner-Charge.jpgLaser Blaze.jpgGrenade Launch.jpg}}

Min Min Stationary ARMS Punch Min Min makes a punch with her right ARMS extendable.
Mr. Game & Watch Chef Flips food out of his frying pan which have fire effects. Range and speed of attack dependent on the pace of button presses Chef SSB4.jpg
Ness PK Flash (SSBM, SSBB,3DS/Wii U)

PK Fire (SSB)

  • PK Flash: Launches a slow electrical ball from his head which can be guided a small horizontal distance and explodes upon travelling a certain distance or when the player stops holding the Special button. Inflicts massive damage and high vertical knockback if the opponent is caught in detonation, KOing at 40%.
  • PK Fire: Throws a lighting bolt, which will catch any opponent it hits in a barrage of flames.
Olimar Pikmin Pluck Plucks Pikmin (Up to 5 in Brawl and 3 in SSB4 and Ultimate, and in random order in Brawl but in a set order in SSB4 and Ultimate) out of the ground, which he then uses for most of his attacks. Pikmin Pluck SSBWU.jpg
Pac-Man Bonus Fruit Throws a fruit from the Pac-Man series, which alternates the longer it is charged. Each fruit has a different characteristic. Pacmanscreenshot61914.jpg
Palutena Auto Reticle
Explosive Flame
Heavenly Light
  • Auto Reticle: Summons a reticle which locks on to a target then attacks it with a burst of four small projectiles.
  • Explosive Flame: Surrounds the opponent in front of her in a ball of flame.
  • Heavenly Light: Summons a ray of light from the sky, which has a wide hitbox but does not cause flinching.

Auto Reticle.jpgPalutena-explode.jpgPalutena Heavenly Light.jpg

Peach Toad Holds Toad out in front of her If she is attacked with Toad out, Toad will spew damaging spores. Peach-super-smash-bros-4-toad.jpg
Pichu Thunder Jolt Launches a small ball of lightning which travels across the ground, but causes Pichu damage. The ball will follow slopes and even climb up walls. Pichu Thunder Jolt Move.jpg
Pikachu Thunder Jolt Launches a small ball of lightning. Bounces on the ground, but travels in a downward diagonal direction if used while airborne. The ball will follow slopes and even climb up walls. Thunder Jolt SSBWU.jpg
Pit Palutena's Arrow Fires an arrow which travels in a continuously straight path. Can also guide the arrow's direction. Pressing any direction before shooting will change what direction Pit shoots the arrow in. Palutena's Arrow SSBWU.jpg
Pokémon Trainer Squirtle: Water Gun
Ivysaur: Bullet Seed
Charizard: Flamethrower
  • Water Gun: Sprays water from its mouth, dealing slight damage up close and pushing opponents back without damaging them at full charge.
  • Bullet Seed: Shoots a continuous blast of seeds upwards.
  • Flamethrower: Breathes a continuous stream of flames which diminish in size as time passes.

WaterGun.jpgBullet Seed.jpgFlamethrower.jpg

R.O.B. Robo Beam Fires a beam across the stage, range, size, and power dependant on time charged. Super Robo Beam SSBWU.jpg
Robin Thunder
Launches an electric projectile forward. The strength and properties of it change the longer it is charged. Once fully charged, it can be saved infinitely unless if Robin is KO'd. Thunder-Elthunder-Arcthunder-Thoron.jpg
Rosalina & Luma Luma Shot Launches Luma in front of her, allowing it to attack from two different locations. Luma Shot.jpg
Roy Flare Blade Executes a powerful fiery slash, which if fully charged can cause a one-Hit KO but also results in self-harm. Flare Blade SSBWU.png
Ryu Hadoken Launches a blue fireball that goes straight forward. Holding the (B) button will make it go longer. Inputting the original commands from Street Fighter will make it stronger, while inputting half-circle forward and A/B will cause Ryu to use the Shakunetsu Hadoken. Hadoken.png
Samus Charge Shot Charges up a blast of electrical energy which can be saved for later if fully charged or fired for considerable damage. Charge Shot SSBWU.jpg
Sheik Needle Storm Throws a differing number of needles, depending on the time charged that deal little damage. These get to the enemy instantly in a straight line.
Shulk Monado Arts Activates one of five Monado Arts which change his attributes for a limited time. Shulk12.jpg
Simon Axe Throws an axe diagonally upwards for heavy knockback and moderate damage. A9EF9BA8-A411-4B7F-A30B-86F66E4F4551.gif
Solid Snake Hand Grenade Throws a grenade which will go off after a few seconds. The grenades can be picked up and thrown. Hand Grenade.png
Sonic Homing Attack Spins into a ball and homes in on his nearest opponent. Can be used indefinitely in the air. Can be charged. Sonic The Hedgehog SSB4 (9).jpg
Toon Link Bow Shoots an arrow which travels farther the longer it is charged. Travels further than Link's, but is slower Toon Link Hero's Bow SSBWU.jpeg
Villager Pocket Stores one item or projectile in front of him, which he can keep to use later. Pocket.png
Wario Chomp Bites any opponent directly in front of him for minor damage. Also heals himself slightly. Wario2.jpg
Wii Fit Trainer Sun Salutation Fires a ball of light energy, which can be stored and will heal her when fired if fully charged. Wii-fit-trainer-sun-salutation.jpg
Wolf Blaster Fires a single blaster shot, which causes flinching and considerable damage for this type of attack. It's the most powerful of the Blasters. Can deal damage up close with the bayonet part of the gun. Blaster Wolf.png
Yoshi Egg Lay Yoshi can swallow any opponent in front of him and eject them from behind trapped in an egg for a few seconds. Egg Lay SSBWU.jpg
Young Link Fire Bow Fires a flaming arrow which does not travel as far as Link's but has fire effects and more hitstun. Young Link's Bow Move.jpg
Zelda Nayru's Love Surrounds herself with a shield which can reflect projectiles and damage enemies near her. Nayru's Love SSBWU.jpg
Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer Fires a shot which can briefly stun opponents. The longer it is charged, the longer the enemy will be stunned. Paralyzer SSBWU.jpg