The stamina meter features in all the Super Smash Bros. installments. The stamina meter is much like the damage meter, but instead of displaying damage accumulated as a damage percentage, it displays how much health the character has remaining before being defeated. Examples of this are bosses like Master Hand and in Stamina Mode.

There are two types of stamina meters, the "standard" meter and the bar meter. The standard meter is designed the same as the regular damage meter, while the bar meter is displayed as a red bar with the owner's name and image to the left. Standard meters are used in Classic Mode for Master Hand and Crazy Hand, as well as in Stamina Mode. Bar meters are used in the Subspace Emissary for all non-Fighter enemies, as well as in Boss Battles. Bar meters are generally more difficult to strategize around, as one does not know exactly how much health an enemy has.

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