For the stat held by the Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon, see Stamina (stat).

Stamina is a Special Melee option in SSBM, and a Special Brawl option (under the name of Stamina) in SSBB. In both games, it gives all characters a "life bar" of sorts, which must be depleted to defeat characters (rather then KOing them). Once a character reaches 0HP or are KO'd, they are out of the game.

In Melee, choosing Stamina Mode fixes the stamina at 150HP for two, three, or four players; in Brawl, players can select their HP individually via the Handicap option, ranging from 1 to 300.

Super Projectile Match

Super Projectile Match is an official type of gameplay, originating from Super Smash Bros. Melee and returning in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

How to perform

This gameplay mode is available for 2-4 players. Choose a Stamina mode battle under Special Melee in VS Mode, and then choose characters that use projectiles. Prohibit all direct attacks, and fight using only projectiles, then fight on a stage that has leveled ground and many places to hide (e.g Hyrule: Temple, etc.)


This gameplay mode is found on page 49 of the Super Smash Bros. Melee instruction booklet.


  • When one brings an opponent to 0HP, the game will slow down temporarily and the opponent will use the Star KO scream.
  • A defeated character makes no sounds and can be knocked around. Since they remain on the stage when defeated, they can block projectiles.
  • Drone characters (such as the secondary Ice Climber and Pikmin) will blindly stand beside their defeated leader. However, the secondary Ice Climber has their own unseen stamina meter, and can be KOed as well, either before the main Ice Climber or after (doesn't count as a KO). Also, Pikmin can still be killed.
  • Certain Final Smashes cause an Undead Glitch when reduced to 0HP.
  • Because there is no results screen, the Master Hand glitch does not freeze the game when a match ends.
  • In SSBM, the player cannot edit the starting stamina; the instruction booklet, however, shows a screenshot of Stamina Mode with Hit Points higher than 150.
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