Toon Link's down aerial is an example of a stall-then-fall move.

A stall-then-fall is a type of aerial maneuver in all installments of the Super Smash Bros. series. Most stall-then-falls attacks vary from kicks to hip drops. No matter the type, all stall-then-falls attacks are similar in function.



The attack is as simple as the name: the character pauses briefly in the air then rockets downward, usually with a kick. The downward falling speed is much greater than the character's usual falling speed, even while fastfalling. Most of these attacks launch the character diagonally forward and downwards, but a few of them (Toon Link's, Mr. Game and Watch's, Bowser's, Kirby's, and Yoshi's) do not, instead launching straight downwards or that the direction can be controlled (Mr. Game & Watch and Bowser's down aerial in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U).

Landing Shockwave

If the character performing the move hits the stage while the attack is still being executed, there is a fairly large landing lag with most of them, which usually can not be L-canceled. However, some of these moves have an additional hit upon hitting the ground, creating a shockwave effect that extends a short distance to either side of the character.


Some of these attacks can be used to spike an opponent. If the opponent is hit by the initial downward thrust, they will be propelled downward with the move (in Brawl, Toon Link's down aerial will instead bounce off of them, but still launch them downwards). This is usually intended to drag the opponent in to the final hit of the attack on the ground, but it can also be used to drag the opponent off of the stage and score a KO.


All of the aerial stall-then-fall attacks introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl have an interesting property that may actually be a glitch. If they are used while suffering vertical knockback, they can cancel the "Fall" part of the aerial, simply causing the character to stall for a second in the air with the attack extended.

Platform Stalling

If one of the down aerial stall-then-fall attacks is used immediately after beginning to fall through a platform, the stall will cause the character to move slightly above the platform, so that they fall immediately directly on to it. This is somewhat useful with Toon Link and Mr. Game and Watch, who have the shortest landing lags on their stall-then-fall aerials, and can use this technique to land several quick hits.


Certain stall-then-fall aerials will cause the user to skid down slopes a bit, mainly Toon Link's and Mr. Game & Watch's. Depending on the steepness of the slope, this can be a tiny distance or a huge one, and at steep slopes, the character slides a large distance at a speed that is often faster than their dash. This could be used to keep an opponent from taking advantage of the long landing lag, and also for mindgames.


Stall-then-falls are useful for sweet-spotting the edge. The player can use the attack in midair, fall to below the level of the edge, and use their midair jump or up special move. They must be very high above the bottom blast line to avoid a self-destruct.

Only Yoshi's and Bowser's Bowser Bomb can sweetspot the ledge automatically while falling. The rest do not do so, continuing downwards.

Extra jump (Melee Only)

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Captain Falcon and Ganondorf could use another midair jump after using Falcon Kick and Wizard's Foot, respectively.

Juggling Counters

Some characters are vulnerable to juggling due floatiness such as Kirby and Toon Link. Having a Stall-Then-Fall move allows the character to be less vulnerable to juggling due to the increased falling speed will make it difficult for the juggler to respond quickly.

Group attacking

Some characters are vulnerable to juggling due to floatiness, such as Kirby and Toon Link. Having a stall-then-fall move allows the character to be less vulnerable to juggling due to the increased falling speed, which will make it difficult for the juggler to respond quickly.


Stall-then-falls have a long duration. If used while off of the stage, they can result in a self-destruct. Therefore, it is advisable to not use the attack off the edge at all (except for sweet-spotting - see above).

List of stall-then-fall attacks

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