The Squid Sisters (シオカラーズ, Sea O'Colors) are supporting characters from the Splatoon series. The duo consists of Callie (アオリ, Aori) and Marie (ホタル, Hotaru).

They joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a summonable Assist Trophy. Mii Fighter Costumes modeled after the duo are also available as DLC.

Character Description

The Squid Sisters are a fashionable and popular Inkling idol duo in Inkopolis, consisting of Callie and Marie.

Callie's color scheme is magenta and black. She wears a body-fitting dress with a hat resembling an Ikayaki and her tentacles are tied in a bow with loose ends. She is very cheerful and excitable, making her seem very innocent. She also has a habit of saying rather straightforward things with a toothy grin. Certain dialogue on the game's start-up have revealed little pieces of information on Callie; she loves outdoor activities, has a great interest in art, has a fear of heights and ghosts, is prone to motion sickness, cannot drive or ride a bike (despite representing Cars in the Cars vs. Planes Splatfest), and loves to eat. Her preferred weapon type is Roller and her solo song is "Bomb Rush Blush".

Marie's color scheme is green and white. She wears a wide-brimmed dress with a hat resembling a Calamari ring and her tentacles are tied up in a bow on its side. She is the very opposite of Callie in terms of personality, as she is far more laid-back and reserved with a dry, sarcastic wit (though never mean-spirited). She is also incredibly lazy, disliking much of the outdoor activities Callie is interested in. Her preferred weapon type is Charger and her solo song is "Tide Goes Out".

Despite their group name, the duo are actually cousins who have remained inseparable since their early youth. The two were raised in Calamari County, where they entered the first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest and subsequently won. In an effort to pursue a music career, the pair moved to Inkopolis years later, where they struggled to make ends meet. They initially worked part-time at Walleye Warehouse (a job Marie has stated multiple times she hated, even going as far as to say she took pleasure in burning her uniform), with Callie even taking a second job at Piranha Pit. Despite the struggle, the girls eventually rose to fame as pop idols with their hit single, "Calamari Inkantation".


Callie and Marie as they appear in Splatoon

In the first Splatoon, the Squid Sisters are the hosts of Inkopolis News. Every time the game is booted up, they appear on a large screen overlooking Inkopolis Square and inform the player of any updates, new Splatfests, and what stages are in the rotation for Turf War and Ranked Matches, as well as sharing some comedic banter. During Splatfests, they would also appear in the Square to hold live concerts.

The duo are also key characters in the Octo Valley single-player campaign, revealing themselves to be Agents 1 and 2 and the granddaughters of Cap'n Cuttlefish, Agent 3's guide. They mentor the player for the remainder of the campaign after their grandfather gets kidnapped by the Octolings in retaliation for defeating the Octomaw. They later appear in the final battle against DJ Octavio to help Agent 3 while overriding the DJ set with their song "Calamari Inkantation". In the aftermath, they report on the Great Zapfish's return in another Inkopolis News Update while not disclosing their involvement.

Splatoon 2

Callie and Marie as they appear in Splatoon 2.

Nine months after the final Splatfest of the first game, which was a battle that pitted the two against each other, the Squid Sisters' fame rose to new heights. However, they eventually began to branch off into their own solo careers after the releases of their solo songs; Callie began appearing in variety shows and acting in a TV drama while Marie began to venture into theater. Due to their busy schedules, they stepped down as hosts of Inkopolis News and were replaced by Pearl and Marina of Off the Hook, while their quality time together started to diminish but still remained close. However, Marie felt that the results of the Splatfest (which she won) might've put a strain on their relationship. Eventually, the opportunity for a shared day off arose and the two planned a trip to Calamari County; however, Callie never came on the day of the trip. Marie later discovers that DJ Octavio has broken out of prison and that the Great Zapfish has disappeared again; sensing that the events may be connected, she moves back to Inkopolis Square to find an Inkling that could help her.

As such, Marie serves as Agent 4's guide in the Octo Canyon single-player campaign alongside Sheldon. As the game progresses, Marie begins to receive peculiar messages intercepting the radio signal; eventually it is revealed to be Callie, who has been hypnotized by DJ Octavio's Hypnoshades, becoming one of his subordinates. In the final battle, Marie manages to shoot off the shades with a Charger, thus reuniting the Squid Sisters to aid Agent 4 in defeating DJ Octavio again. In the aftermath, the Great Zapfish is returned to Inkopolis Square again and Callie and Marie release a new single called "Fresh Start", which plays in the end credits. If the player returns to Octo Canyon, Callie will now stay with Marie at the Cuttlefish Cabin and give Agent 4 "lucky weapon horoscopes".

Splatoon 3

Callie and Marie (alongside Agent 3) as they appear in Splatoon 3.

Callie and Marie are set to return in the "Return of the Mammalians" story mode in the upcoming Splatoon 3, however to what extent is currently unknown.

Other appearances

The Squid Sisters have made real life appearances, usually hosting concerts during live events, namely Niconico Tokaigi and Nintendo Live (both in Japan, but shows have also been held in France and Switzerland). Similar to vocaloid concerts, Callie and Marie are able to perform "on stage" by way of projections of their 3D models that have been animated specifically for the show. Their setlist usually consists of all of their songs as well as their solo singles. As of the release of Splatoon 2, they have performed alongside Off the Hook, now only performing "Fresh Start" and "Spicy Calamari Inkantation" as well as all four girls singing "Now or Never!" for the finale.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Cameras get closer and closer to their live performance, limiting the space you have to battle. Don't get too lost in the music!
Super Smash Blog

Assist Trophy

Squid Sisters Assist Trophy SSBU.png

The Squid Sisters appear as a summonable Assist Trophy. The girls preform a small excerpt of one of their songs (usually either "Calamari Inkantation" or "Ink Me Up") in the background of the fight plane while the camera zooms in and focuses directly on them. This causes the field of view to become extremely small, manipulating the blast lines to get closer and closer, making it easier to be KO'd much like in Sudden Death. Once the song is done, they will disappear and the camera and blast zones will return to normal. As they are only present in the background, they cannot be attacked or interacted with. They also do not pick a "side", as the camera affects all characters, summoner included.

Mii Fighter Costumes

Costumes for the Mii Brawler and Mii Gunner modeled after Callie and Marie, respectively, were made available as a part of the Round 6 batch of DLC costumes.

The gun the Marie costume uses is the Hero Shot Replica. It is merely a reskin of the Hero Shot and the Splattershot that is only obtainable through completing the Octo Valley challenges from the Inkling Squid amiibo and handing the blueprints to Sheldon at Ammo Knights. As it is only a replica, it cannot be upgraded and shares the same stats and Sub and Special weapons with the Splattershot.


A Spirit of the Squid Sisters is available in the base game. It is a Support Spirit under the Legendary class. Their Spirit Battle uses a mob of 4 Inklings, who are supposedly meant to symbolize the duo's fanbase. They are assisted by Callie and Marie themselves while the player is easy to launch. The stage is the Splatfest variant of Moray Towers, which is meant to emulate their special concerts during Splatfests, and the song that plays is their song "Ink Me Up".

The Squid Sisters Spirit can also be summoned by using the Spirit Cores of Blooper, Meloetta (Aria Forme), and Ouendan Cheerleaders. It can also be acquired by scanning the Callie and Marie amiibo.

No. Spirit Artwork Origin Type Rating Effect Cost
1030 SquidSistersOfficial.png Splatoon Support Spirit.png ★★★★ Fast Final Smash Meter 2



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