Squall Hammer is the Ice Climbers' Side Special Move. The controlled Ice Climber spins around like a top and travels forward along the ground for a short moment, with the hammer extended so that opponents are harmed if they come into contact with the hammer.


If the CPU-controlled Ice Climber is present, the pair will whirl around back-to-back together, and the two hammers will make it twice as likely that the attack will connect with an opponent.

Squall Hammer can be used as a recovery move. If the B button is pressed repeatedly while the Ice Climber(s) is/are in their spinning animation, they will rise vertically in addition to their horizontal movement. The vertical boost is considerably greater when both Ice Climbers are present; however, given that Belay is next to useless as a lone Ice Climber, Squall Hammer should be used instead when only one Ice Climber remains. Unfortunately, in Brawl, using the Squall Hammer as a recovery move with a single Ice Climber is a bit hard, as the height gained is zero, however it does get substantial horizontal distance. Using both climbers grants a good height, nonetheless, and doesn't risk separating the Climbers like Belay can.

Ice Climbers' Special Moves
Melee Brawl Ultimate
Standard Special Ice Shot
Side Special Squall Hammer
Up Special Belay
Down Special Blizzard
Final Smash - Iceberg
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