Squad Strike is a Smash mode available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It consists of two teams of three or five battling each other until one wins. Beginning the mode, the number of fighters in each team can be set to either 3 or 5, and each fighter (however, the same cannot be picked for one team) for each team. The same name will be used for all of that team's fighters, and Amiibo can be used here.

Battle Modes

There are currently 3 modes that can be picked to play in creating a ruleset. By default, 3 rulesets are available with one of the modes from the start.

Tag Team

In this mode, Squad Strike will have only one big battle. Both players will battle with each fighter they selected being a stock. Once the player's current fighter gets KOed, the next one in the queue will enter the battle. This will continue until one player loses all their fighter.

Loser Out

This mode pits the current fighter of both teams in a 1v1 match. After every battle, the loser is removed, and that player's next fighter will enter the next battle. Once one team loses all their fighters, the other team wins the Squad Strike.

Best of

In this mode, both teams will go into a 1v1 battle with each fighter of both teams. Regardless of who won or lost after every match, both fighters will not appear in the next match, and the battle will pit the next fighters of both teams' queues. After everyone's battled, the team with the most wins will win the Squad Strike.

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