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[[Category:Special Attacks]]
[[Category:Special Attacks]]
[[Category:Standard Specials]]
[[Category:Splatoon universe]]
[[Category:Splatoon universe]]
[[Category:Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]
[[Category:Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]
[[Category:Neutral Special Moves]]

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Splattershot is Inkling's Standard Special.


Inkling will spray ink a short distance forward, and anyone caught in the ink's path will have the ink stick to them. While they have the ink on them, they will take a greater amount of damage from attacks. Inkling cannot move while firing, but can angle the shots up and down. Using this move will deplete ink from Inkling's storage.


Ink is the main ammunition in the Splatoon series, and being hit by an opponent's ink will cause a player to take damage, to the point of being "splatted" if they take too much.

Inkling's Special Moves
Standard Special Splattershot
Side Special Splat Roller
Up Special Super Jump
Down Special Splat Bomb
Final Smash Killer Wail
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