Splat Roller is Inkling's Side Special.


Inkling moves forward while rolling the Splat Roller on the ground, coating the ground she moves over in paint. Opponents who move on the painted area will be slowed down. If the Inkling runs into anyone with the roller, they will be buried, or launched if they are already buried. The roller can be cancelled by pressing B. Like with most of Inkling's attacks, the Splat Roller uses up ink.


The Splat Roller is a main roller weapon in the Splatoon series. In addition to leaving a trail of ink on the ground, it also deals fatal damage to those hit directly by it.

Inkling's Special Moves
Standard Special Splattershot
Side Special Splat Roller
Up Special Super Jump
Down Special Splat Bomb
Final Smash Killer Wail
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